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This is the place most status courses start.  That’s because this is the basic understanding you need to proceed.

Once you understand this concept, things begin to clear up and make sense.

This is a good video because this lays it out very succinctly.

Trusts are really the heart of the issue.  If you know how to make trusts work for you instead of against you you are ahead of the game.

Here is some resource material for you to study.

The Meet Your Strawman pdf.

The Rockefeller Files.




Manage Your Assets on the Private Side Without a Bank

This is the mother load.  It’s a treasure trove of general information on how one private group is handling all their transactions and investments on one private platform.

Mark Emery is a high level consultant working with major clients worldwide.  He has also founded Lighthouse Law Club to help the little guy succeed.

The host, Townsand Fairmont, is the founder of Brilliance in Commerce, which offers many innovative trust solutions, debt relief, etc.


Reorganize Your LEGAL TRUST NAME? Why Bother? THIS IS WHY. Vid. #29

We will cover this later in the course, but in the meantime, get used to some of these terms.