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Why the Government Has no Jurisdiction

If you pay close attention this video answers many questions.

Europe is under civil or Roman Law.  This video gives the answer to this.

The United states used this same thing to get this repugnant system thrown out of the new country.

The British fought the War of 1812 to get it back.  John Quincy Adams worked to subvert the original 13th Amendment forbidding titles of nobility.  They illegally subverted that amendment.  Actually there are 3 purported such amendments.

So, the British crown got back in with their bar attorneys.  This put the United States back under the crown and the Vatican.  These “liars” administer civil law and statutes.  This is because they are creatures of the corporate state, not the Republic.  All  of the Republic’s offices are vacant, having been replaced by a corporate board of directors called “Congress” that is not the Republic’s Congress, because attorneys can’t sit in those offices.  The whole so called “government” is a fraud foisted upon an ignorant people.