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How Most of Society’s Problems Are Caused By Government with Jason Perz

Government IS the problem, NOT the solution.  They teach that humanity is evil and we need their protection from “those bad guys.”

Lie, lie lie!

Most people are good, but it is the psychopaths who are in government and religion.  So, we need protection from YOU, not the other way around.

They have a “war on this,” and a “war on that,” but it is only so they can generate revenue for themselves.  Here is the story of a man who saved his life after becoming a victim of these criminals.

And even AA banned him for telling the truth.  Oh well, now we know who is behind THEM.

You can overcome anything.  All you have to do is raise your vibration by getting in touch with yourself.

Here is this amazing story.

And now, here is the rest of the story in an interview with Jeff Berwick.