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Proof the Banks Don’t Loan You Money

There is a wrong impression out there that when you take a loan, the bank has loaned you money.

This is not true, and this video goes through an affidavit given by a lawyer in the 1980’s proving they do no such thing.  In fact, they are making huge returns on money that isn’t even theirs!

This completely blows the lid off of this scam once and for all.


Here  is some supporting documentation:

Affidavit of Walker Todd.PDF


The Money Matrix


Top Secret Bankers Manual


Seven Principles of Constitution



Susan B Anthony and the 14 Amendment


Modern Money Mechanics



Modern Money Mechanics Video



Manage Your Assets on the Private Side Without a Bank

This is the mother load.  It’s a treasure trove of general information on how one private group is handling all their transactions and investments on one private platform.

Mark Emery is a high level consultant working with major clients worldwide.  He has also founded Lighthouse Law Club to help the little guy succeed.

The host, Townsand Fairmont, is the founder of Brilliance in Commerce, which offers many innovative trust solutions, debt relief, etc.