The Mushroom of Immortality

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A few months ago, the host for this docuseries was on a medicine hunt in the forests of Maine with Daniel Vitalis and we came across a beautiful Reishi mushroom growing out of a hemlock tree stump.

Reishi is known as the “mushroom of immortality” in Chinese Herbalism because of the powerful effects it has on our mind, body and spirit. (I’ve shared a video we created on this revered fungi below!)

This is one of my favorite earth medicines and it’s one of many featured in our upcoming docuseries on healing herbs called Remedy: Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness.

It premieres online next week for free – and we can’t wait for you, our inner tribe, to take part in it. If you haven’t registered for this 9-part exploration of lost medicines yet

Below is a video from this expedition with Daniel – who is a modern day hunter-gatherer. In it, he explains all the benefits of the Reishi (Ganoderma tsugae) mushroom and also how to harvest and prepare it…

This clip was a ton of fun to be a part of and I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to watch this short video on Reishi

We have so much more green medicine wisdom to share with you in the Remedy series – each one of the 9 episodes will be focusing on a different health condition and the breakthrough herbs that help with them.

This is the biggest thing we’ve ever created 🙂


Discover the Miracle of CBD


While you are waiting to check this series out, you can educate yourself on two exciting healing remedies that can get you started on the road to health.

One is CBD oil and the many products made from it.  It is taking the world by storm, and you can jump on the bandwagon NOW and start a healing journey of health and wellness.

Whether you have diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or almost any other ailment, CBD can help you.  And, if you’re so inclined, there is a business opportunity you can get involved in FOR FREE!

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Detox Is Key


But, no matter what you do, if you don’t DETOX YOUR BODY, all the herbs and remedies could be blocked by the toxins in your body.  After all, you wouldn’t throw pure water into a toxic waste dump and expect the water to still be clean, would you?

Unfortunately, with all the chemicals in our food, air, and water, our bodies are loaded down with toxins.  That is one of the reasons for all the degenerative diseases we suffer today.

So many people wouldn’t be getting cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses that were virtually unknown a couple of generations ago.

So our first order of business should be to cleanse our bodies so that herbs and CBD’s can do their work with greater strength and without interference.

Fortunately, there is a cleanser that will do the trick and chances are you have the ingredients right in your kitchen to make this miracle Detox Tea.

It’s called the Red Tea Detox and it’s done wonders for many people.  It can do the same for you, so that instead of feeling yucky you will feel great!  Click here for full details.


ALERT NEWS The DOD Admits They’re Able to Control Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Climate, etc,

Weather modification, earthquakes and volcanoes are being used as weapons.

That,  believe is one of the reasons for the increase in all these things.  As the Deep State loses its grip, it is lashing out every way it can.

There is a secret war going on using these secret weapons, which aren’t so secret because we’ve known about this since the ’70’s!


Your Life Will Go According To Your Visualizations! (Powerful Teachings!)

This is a powerful message.  If you only knew how true this is, you could manifest anything you want into your life.  You should say to yourself “no matter what happens, this is for my good.”  That will put you into an ever expanding cycle of success!

When so called “setbacks” happen, view them as good.  Thomas Edison failed 11,000 times to create the lighbulb, but what did he say?  Did he say in despair “this will never work?”  No, he KNEW it would work because he visualized it in his mind.  He simply said, “Now I know another way this won’t work, so I am one step closer to success!”

So our so called “failures” are actually teaching us what ways don’t work, and they put us closer to what will.

You have a marvelous mind.  It is very powerful, and whatever you visualize can come true.  Here is a great video to explain this power to you.

Here are some resources from Bob Proctor, one of the foremost teachers in this field.

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Hypnosis is a great way to break through those barriers.
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The Secret to Manifestation

This gives you a key to direct manifestation if you can but understand it.  Or, shall we say innerstand.  This was called Magik in ancient times and it does work if you are spiritually adept enough.

Can You Face the Truth

The world is living in denial.  We have been lied to all our lives, and now that the truth is coming out, some lash out at the truth teller.  Others huddle in front of CNN to hear what they want to here, hoping the pesky truth will just go away.

But it won’t, and if you won’t face reality, let me tell you that could be fatal!  It’s just that important.  Because if you won’t face reality, it definitely can kill you, and sooner than you think.

So are you going to face the unpleasant truth, or bury your head in the sand and watch reruns of Oprah?  Believe me when I say that very soon, the whole system you rely on, and have relied on all your life, is going to be gone.  What will you do then?  Maybe you should check out our preparedness page and start getting ready.

Nah, that’s not important.  Don’t bother me with the facts!


But this video tells you how many lies have been accepted for generations, and if you think that doesn’t matter, you could be wrong, DEAD WRONG.

Digital Nomad Training, Part 2



You obviously are reading this becuse you’re ready for serious results in life.  So let’s get get down to business.  If you’re serious about moving forward and treating this as a serious business, please pay close attention to the new details below.  Details make all the difference!

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Step #1
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We are going to introduce you to other programs, but these are the primary.

The other program has the Liberty Debt Elimination Program and others.

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Step #2
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To Know Your Enemy,You Must Become Your Enemy,Appear Weak When You Are Strong – Episode 1647b

If you have wondered, as I have, what Trump’s strategy is, it’s explained here better than anywhere else I’ve seen.  Let’s just say he’s a lot smarter than people give him credit for.  And for the first time in over 100 years we may see the end of the deep state and the bankster cabal, and the world may be free of these parasites.

See our Preparedness Page above to get ready for what’s coming.  You will be glad you did!


Manage Your Assets on the Private Side Without a Bank

This is the mother load.  It’s a treasure trove of general information on how one private group is handling all their transactions and investments on one private platform.

Mark Emery is a high level consultant working with major clients worldwide.  He has also founded Lighthouse Law Club to help the little guy succeed.

The host, Townsand Fairmont, is the founder of Brilliance in Commerce, which offers many innovative trust solutions, debt relief, etc.


Become a Digital Nomad and Free Yourself!

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If you proceed from this point on, we have an agreement on that. Fair enough?

I’ll be monitoring activity and those who are idle, not active or sifting my hard earned experience and information for their own possible nefarious purposes, and those will be removed from the group without notice and that would be a shame, because we’ve got some amazing stuff coming for you!  So keep up and follow the program!

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So please give me your attention on the first couple of things I have for today….
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This training program is designed to help you create multiple streams of independent cash flow so that you are no longer dependent on a job or income from an outside source which ties you to the ‘system’ and subjects you to forfeiture, seizure, tracking and control.

Succeed in what we’re doing here and you should  have more than enough cash to be free, do what you want when you want and fulfill your God given destiny!

Follow the steps included in this training and you’ll be empowered to achieve your dreams.  That’s not hype, just fact.  I’m doing it.  I’m my own living testimonial.  I’ve been living like a retired person and traveling the world since I was 40.  I’m 58 now and have the enthusiasm for life of a 30 year old.  I’ve done this by implementing the concepts I want to teach you.

Are you ready to get results?  Let’s go…

#1… I’ll be posting to this blog every other day or so. That pace might be too fast for you to accomplish everything every other day.  You probably have a busy schedule doing other things too.  For that reason, you should copy these posts and form an archive where you know  where to find it.  You can then load up an autoresponder with these messages or post to your blog.  Your choice.

Whenever you have the time you go the folder, select what you need and you can take it at your own pace.

#2…The concept of this program and your success, is so simple.  It comes down to this:
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You’ll end up with your own proprietary email list of followers and prospects.  You can do whatever you like with that list and branch off into another business activity or whatever you want to do.

We’ll get into more advanced business concepts as time goes on but that’s enough for now.  Does it make sense so far?

Here are two videos you need to have under your belt right now.  You’ve probably already seen one, if not both but it’s important you have them both here for easy reference.

It’s important to have the right mindset, attitude and expectations which is why the ‘Fast Track’ video is so important.   Watch that when you can and then watch for the post,l coming soon!


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Mastercard Now Banning People from Patreon!

The abuse of the banksters just gets worse. Switching to crypto is the only answer.