Offshore Virtual Office

Virtual Office and Mail Forwarding Service

Costa Rica

Currently the Costa Rica service center only handles mail. In the future we hope to have the other services.

Mail Package

USD150.00 Semi-Annually
USD250.00 Annually
USD350.00 Biennially


Mail Package

USD150.00 Semi-Annually
USD2550.00 Annually
USD350.00 Biennially

Phone Package

USD920.00 Semi-Annually
USD1,520.00 Annually
USD2,900.00 Biennially

Mail + Phone Package

USD1,140.00 Semi-Annually
USD1,640.00 Annually
USD3,200.00 Biennially

NOTE: Remember with all mail forwarding packages you need to maintain a postage deposit that also covers the expense of envelopes, etc. We recommend a minimum deposit of at least $50.00, but we recommend at least $100.00. On postage deposits we only count the NET AMOUNT that we receive, so that needs to be taken into consideration when you are making the deposit and varies depending on the method of payment you use. You also need to decide if you want mail forwarded weekly or monthly. Alert us if you are expecting urgent mail and we will attempt to give you special handling.

Also, remember this is for FIRST CLASS MAIL ONLY. We cannot sign for Fedex, etc., nor can we receive packages. If you do not want your mail forwarded, but merely want it scanned and emailed to you, let us know and we can make those arrangements. The charge will vary depending on the volume.