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Stop letting them!

The Fat Cats always preserve the best investment opportunities for themselves.  You never see them, and are never allowed to take advantage of them.  They don’t WANT you to!  But they can’t stop this.

They can’t control it.

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More and more the international banking system is becoming harder to use plus the government tracks the transactions.

More traditional ecurrencies have a centralized authority and are subject to failure, government seizure and other nasty things.

An answer to all of this is Bitcoin.  We gladly accept Bitcoin and other curewncies, see our Welcome page for our Bitcoin address and other addresses.  Below you can find a tutorial on how to use Bitcoin.  I will add more videos as I find ones that merit it.


Ok, a lot has changed since the above video was made.  Mt. Gox is gone, but Bitcoin is still alive and well.  You may wish to use a local bitcoin exchanger you can meet face to face.  Here are two sites where you can find them:

Local Bitcoin

Trade Bitcoin

And here is a short list of reliable international exchanger who does NOT require a lot of that obnoxious KYC info:


Here is a good wallet for your Bitcoins.  NEVER let the exchanger keep it for you:

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
To Learn more about crypto currencies click here.