Services: We offer a full range of products and services, but we do not use the cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. Everyone is different, so we consult with you and tailor make a solution that fits you.

As our gift to you, here is a free booklet on the Strawman.  It is an important concept that will make everything clearer. Strawman IntroductionEdit

Whether it be personal or spiritual development, or a desire to live free of many of the pitfalls of modern life, you have come to the one place where you can get it all. Listed below are some of the services we can perform for you:

Eliminate Unsecured Debt

The Amazing Secret of an Overlooked “Loophole” in U.S. Law that Lets You LEGALLY ERASE ALL Your Credit Card Debt! There is a LAW on the books that says you can ERASE all your credit card debt as long as you do it the RIGHT WAY! This FEDERAL law that has already had a MAJOR COURT CASE confirming that if you use this very “hush-hush” information, you can quickly and simply ERASE your unsecured debt (such as credit cards, student loans, or any other ‘signature’ loans) – that you got from banks in the United States.  Watch this video  to learn more:

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Natural Law Trust

This product is one of the best asset protection instruments in the world. It is used to support humanitarian causes, it reduces liabilities, and it provides greater protection. This state-of-the-art trust design provides exceptional freedom for peaceful people. These trusts can be operated in all countries anywhere in the world. Trust clients may become either trustees or creators, beneficiaries, and managers. They are infinitely flexible, and can be adapted to any ethical, lawful, and noble purpose.

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  • Declaration of personal sovereignty

  • Acceptance for Value to take care of those nasty debts

  • Elimination of mortgage and other debts

Our fee varies by your situation, but, generally speaking, we can stop foreclosures in their tracks and eliminate the mortgage entirely.  This is especially helpful if your property is “upside down,” but, even if it isn’t, the banks have been involved in massive fraud, so we can get it eliminated entirely without a need to negotiate with the bank.  We can also rid you of credit card and other debt, and stop third party debt collectors in their tracks.  After they hear what you have to say, you won’t have to worry about them again or their harassing phone calls.  We will stop all of this nonsense cold.


  • Credit Repair

  • Habeas Corpus

  • IRS and other tax problems

Yes, get rid of your tax problem today and never owe the IRS another dime.  Again, our fee varies on your situation and the complexities of your case.

  • Liens

  • Navigating Criminal Court

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Divorce problems

  • Bankruptcy

  • Unlawful detainer

  • Statutory, non statutory, and offshore trusts

  • A wide range of offshore products and services including IBC’s Foundations, bank accounts, merchant accounts, etc.

  • Offshore gaming solutions

  • Offshore Pharmacy and Adult sites

  • Second citizenships, passports and residency [we sell a report on this which is very well documents, and includes trusted contacts in the countries referenced].

  • And Much More……

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