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There is a lot of disinformation out there today about what a sovereign citizen is and how you can attain and defend that status.


Two Jurisdictions

Most people are not aware of this fact, but there are actually TWO United States, and they are radically different.

The original jurisdiction was a Republic under common law. They formed a Federation, which was a union of the states. This union recognized each state as a sovereign, independent entity which had come together in voluntary association with each other. The Federal government FOR the united States was created to handle international matters with other nations and to regulate interstate commerce. That was it. It had no other powers and it operated according to common law and was a common law jurisdiction.

When the southern states seceded from the union, at the time of the civil war, they were merely exercising their rights as sovereign states to do so. They created the union and had an inherent right to do so. Contrary to popular myth, Abraham Lincoln was no hero, but our first tyrant and dictator. He unlawfully forced the southern states back into the union, and when the people in those states didn’t elect a government to the Fed’s liking, they replaced the legitimate state governments with military rule and dictatorship. This is commonly referred to in history as “reconstruction,” but it was anything but.

However, the politicians and the wealthy of that time wanted to have their cake and eat it too. In the same way, Congress today exempts itself from a lot of the laws they pass. If YOU discriminate in employment, for instance, then YOU can be sued for violating someone’s rights, but, if a Congress Critter does it, it’s perfectly OK and they do it every day. So, the more things change the more they stay the same.

The Federal Government realized, of course that they didn’t have citizens and had no right to impose their will on the states to give the freed slaves citizenship. So, they ALLEGEDLY [it’s allegedly because the 14th Ammendment never passed even though the lying Feds said it did and that can and has been proven] passed the 14th Amendment granting the freed slaves FEDERAL CITIZENSHIP. They then, over the next hundred years or so, made the majority of the people forget about their state citizenship and take on Federal Citizenship, which is actually citizenship in the District of Columbia, which is a corporation known as the United States of America, Inc.

Thus, with a sleight of hand trick any magician would be jealous of today, they conned the vast majority of people into thinking that they were Federal Citizens instead of state citizens.

Being a corporation, the corporate UNITED STATES has a body of private law, which are really corporate rules and regulations, which is referred to today as STATUTORY LAW which is in the Admiralty Jurisdiction. That is why so called “courts,” which are simply corporate tribunals, have a flag with a yellow fringe around it. Furthermore, the so called “American Flag,” which so many people are proud of today, isn’t even the correct CIVIL FLAG of the civil government, but is, rather, the battle flag. If you want a description of this from someone who still remembered the difference, read the Customs House, which is the introduction to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Therein he describes what the REAL civilian flag of the united States is, and the fact that it has went out of use is proof that we are living under a military dictatorship disguised as a corporation, not the Republic that the Founders intended.

In fact, the rump Congress [it was a rump because so many states had seceded from the union that they lacked a quorum to meet, but they ignored this fact and passed “laws” anyway] finally adjourned sin die, or without making provisions to reconvene. The “Congress” that reconvened was, therefore, only the board of directors of the corporate UNITED STATES. The original Congress has not reconvened to this day.

The Great Fraud

Thus a great fraud was perpetrated on the American people, but few took notice. At first, people were aware of their state citizenship, but soon “benefits” were offered as enticements to become Federal citizens under the 14th Amendment. Eventually, this form of citizenship superseded the original form and eventually most people even forgot about the other kind. In fact, a cruel joke was played on the so called “freed slaves.” They were given a form of “citizenship” that was just another form of slavery. They thought they were free men, but in fact they were not. They had simply traded an overt form of slavery for an indirect one.

Behind all of this lay the international banksters. They had been plotting and scheming for years on how to overthrow the American Revolution, and found a willing stooge in Lincoln. He was so power crazed that he was willing to sell his soul to the devil, so to speak, and he did. And if you think his intentions were pure, think again. His intentions were to ship all the freed slaves back to Africa, and his death was the only reason this didn’t happen.

So much for the so called “American hero” “honest Abe,” or whatever other good things the propagandists want to say about this man. In fact, he was probably the worst president in history. He took the country off the track and it remains there to this day. He was a stooge for the banksters and had a coup against the rightfully established Republic.

To this day the country still suffers from what he started back then. You are a slave thanks to “honest Abe.” Remember this man had the first illegal draft in US history. The only reason New York didn’t secede from the union too is because the governor wrongly thought that this scheme wouldn’t get anyway. So he allowed the illegal draft and other outrages and probably was responsible for the wrong side winning that war.

This government has been based on lies and fraud for a long time in service to the banksters. Former president Jackson much be spinning in his grave because Jackson put it all on the line to stop them, but failed.

Chains of Your Slavery

Your birth certificate created a corporation, which is not the same as the natural man or woman, but is made to appear to be such. This birth certificate is used by the bankrupt Federal Government to finance its every increasing national debt. Thus, you are a slave to the national debt, which the 14th Amendment says cannot be renounced. But wait, that “Amendment” never passed.

It’s like a lot of things. Just smoke and mirrors. You live in an Admiralty jurisdiction unless you can prove otherwise. The judge acts like the captain on a ship. All court cases have a monetary value attached to them because this is a banker’s equity kort, you know. The fake “laws” spewed out by the fake “Federal Government” are only their corporate rules and regulations. It’s private “law” administered by their private kort system. You do not have a right to appeal to the Constitution as your defense because you are a slave until you prove otherwise. The “korts” actualy have two sides to their jurisdiction, the Admiralty side and the de jura side. The de jura side is what is left of the Republic, and is kept in place for the use of the elites, who not only know about it but use it and abuse it.

If you try to sue one of the elites like Rockefeller, you can’t touch them because they are sovereigns and don’t have to play by the same rules that apply to you. They can’t be arrested, taxed, or any of that other nastiness they impose on you. The Bush/Clinton crime family is laughing every day as you struggle to make ends meet. Them and their bankster buddies will never know want, because even if they screw up big time and lose the whole bank, all they have to do is get the government to bail it out. Ordinary mortals would have long since been in jail, but hey, they run drugs, snort coke, and have a good time cashing in while your life falls through the floor. And, you can’t even protest anymore in their New World Order because that would label you as a terrorist along with anyone who is a Christian fundamentalist.

Sovereigns as Terrorists

Now, surprise surprise, those mass murdering thugs who are buying up bullets like crazy and planning ops such as the Colorado shoot out and the Boston Marathon bombing are calling honest, hard working FREE sovereigns terrorists. Excuse me, but it looks like the pot is calling the kettle black when the biggest running murderous cabal on earth dares to call men and woman who want to be left alone “terrorists.” Give me a break. Who do they think believes their claptrap anymore? Are you willing to sacrifice your son or your daughter’s life on their latest worldwide “war of aggression?”

No less a personage than George Washington warned about government having a standing army. He said it would turn out badly and it has. They use war as an excuse to make tons of money funding both sides in whatever little war of aggression they are currently involved in. And can you really remember if Oceania is at war with East Asia, or who the current enemy of big brother is? Yet millions die because of misguided and ignorant “patriotism” to these tyrants. I wouldn’t lift one finger to help these jerks out and neither should you. You need to divorce yourself from this financially and morally bankrupt system as quickly as you can.

How Long Will You Cooperate With Evil?

Let’s face it. If you support evil, you are evil. If you stand idly by and allow atrocity after atrocity in your name, then you are equally to blame. The only way out of this mess is if we take our country and world back from these tyrants.

Stop listening to the lies spewing forth from their controlled media. Pay attention to the alternative media. But, the best idea is to divorce yourself form their corrupt financial system. If we strike the banksters where it hurts the most, we will win. Otherwise, they will simply laugh at us. After all, every time you make a deposit in one of their banks you are helping them.

We need to support an alternative financial system, alternative energy and a whole host of other things if we are ever to see the light of day. This is real serious, folks, because if these criminal idiots have their way we will soon have a speck of dust in outer space. A burned out, dead cinder instead of a living planet. Like stupid animals they don’t care if they foul the next for all of us. Fukishima, the Gulf Oil spill, and on and on it goes. Do we really want to see the earth’s reaction as it throws off the most horrendous parasite it has ever spawned? Or d we want to live in harmony with nature?

These criminals view nature as an enemy that has to be overcome, when in fact THEY are the enemy of both mankind and this planet and unless we end their reign of terror we will all end up dead. Is that what we want?

And the alternatives to this culture of death are already here if we will but pay attention to them and nurture them.

Be Part of the Solution

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