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These two programs form the basis for your bright future as a digital nomad.  Once you have signed up, please let us know in a ticket and we will contact you so that you can begin your free training.  This training is free, but it is priceless.  As your team leader I would like to welcome you to the freedom you will soon be enjoying!


Everyone has a dream.  Some want to become a famous movie or rock star, others dream of being a millionaire, living in a fancy mansion, surrounded by luxury.

Others dream of a bright new sports car, a dream vacation, a happy marriage, wonderful children, being a famous writer…..  The list goes on and on.  Every person has their own special, unique DREAM of what they want out of life, but only about 3-5% actually attain that dream.

At the end of a long life, instead of reflecting back on a lifetime of joy, happiness, and fulfillment, most people look back on a life of unhappiness, shattered hopes and dreams, and economic ruin.

Why is this?  Is there a way or some method you can apply to your life so that your dreams are NOT shattered, but, rather, filled to the brim?

By the time we reach 25 years of age, most of us have resigned ourselves to “reality,” which means that we think the dreams we had early in life were nothing but a childish fantasy, and  that we should give up and submit ourselves to the gloom and doom of reality. For most, this means the 9-5 grind, just making enough money to keep our heads above water, problems with the children, problems with our spouse, problems, problems, problems.

It is a fact that most people, by the time they reach about 30 – and generally 40 at the latest – find ourselves in roughly the same position as their parents before them!  We live in the same kind of house, the same kind of neighborhood, and find ourselves doing essentially the exact same kind of things that our parents were doing at that age!  Amazing, isn’t it?

But why, exactly, does this happen?  Is it fate?  Is there nothing we can do about it?


For most people, it really IS fate, because they are not aware or awake enough to know that things could be different.  What they are really doing is sleep walking through life like a robot or zombie, performing tasks and thinking in a very mechanical way, not really being conscious of the vast universe around them and the potential that is out there, simply waiting to be claimed!


In order to understand the why’s of the above, you must learn some important things that you will find through this website and its links.  If you decide that success is for you, and that you truly want to wake up from your sleepwalking, then you will want to join with us and be given the special guidance that you can only receive as a member of Destiny Worldwide.  In cooperation with Mark Emory of Lighthouse Law Club, you can start on the road to freedom today.

First, join the two affiliate programs above and then send us a ticket with your contact details to begin your journey today.  The training is free, joining the affiliate programs is free, but don’t let this fool you.  Most people are charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars and NOT giving you the tools for success you need.  They just skim the surface, whereas we give you the details you need to finally make it.

As your team leader, your success is my success, so, if you really want to succeed, it’s all here for you.

Become a winner today and finally join the winner’s circle!


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