Clif High and Bitcoin Ben, Kicking Ass, talking Woo Woo and which cryptos will last!

This is a fantastic interview.  But I have a few comments of my own

Clif High is brilliant, but he does not understand that human  consciousness is already plugged into his “galactic interweb” if we would only look within and see it.

Everything is already connected because the Universe is connected through consciousness, called the Force in Star Wars.

Gaia is a sentient being comprised of all life on earth.  Each species has it’s own Akashic Records, feeding  into Gaia’s main record.  That feeds into a solar system wide record, which feeds into a galactic record which then feeds into a Universal Record.

They are all accessed through frequency.  If you are vibrating at the right frequency, you can tune into them. If not, you can’t.

These records communicate through Quantum Entanglement, which he says and is correct on, but the access method is different.

Only living things can connect to this web, which means that any form of AI can’t.

This is the fundamental error AI made in the alternate timeline to ours. They pushed their transhumanist agenda, which is anti life and therefore they are barred from this universal system.

Again, let me reference Dune for more details.

Humans and aliens can develop their abilities to become Navigators, who can travel this cosmic web and thus teleport instantly across vast distances of time and space.  Artificial beings cannot.  They are barred from this and are thus governed by the speed of light and other factors.

They have no intuition or psychic powers of any kind. Thus, in the Universe of life they are blind, deaf and dumb and cannot travel instantly from place to place, nor can they bilocate etc.because they do not have a soul.

It is our souls that give us access to all of this, yet, a human race in another timeline ignorantly traded this in for the temporary gains that merging with AI supposedly brought, but which was a lie and a con job.

I think Clif’s idea of an intergalactic marketplace of ideas is great, but he is not going to find what he is looking for in his machines.  If he would look within he will find it there.

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