There Are No Enemies, Only Opportunities

“The symbolic and functional use of the
Two Pillars [Church and State] is ultimately about splitting
the mind to polarize it in upon itself
and to project the enemy construct
outside of itself.

There is no external
enemy. We have simply projected our own internal schism onto the externalized holographic projection screen of manifest reality. Quantum physics knows this when it states: “The Observed cannot be separated from the Observer”.

We create our reality and thus it is an easy matter to entrain the mass population to project a reality bubble based on lack and limitation, fear and survival. In so doing, everything outside of oneself appears to be a potential or actual enemy, but in fact “There Are No Enemies, Only Opportunities”.

The opportunity is always to look within and see where we have created or projected an enemy outside of ourselves and how, by healing that internal split, we can dissolve the Enemy Construct and return to peace within ourselves and in the world.”

If  you can hold onto this truth, and say to yourself that no matter what happens it is for your good, then you will come out with the life of your dreams.

Also, remember the Law of Attraction only deals with the positive.  It doesn’t understand what you don’t want, so it manifests according to  your prevailing thoughts.  Thus, if your thoughts are positive, you will get positive.  If, however, you say “I don’t want poverty,” it understand that to mean you want poverty because it doesn’t understand “don’t want.”

So if you are worried about cancer or some other problem, don’t be surprised if that is what you get.  But, if you think on health, abundance, and peace, that is what you will attract into  your life.

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