[Exposed] The Secret Healing Power of Little Known Herbs

This is a fantastic interview between John Malaca and Nick Pelozi.

It tells things about Nick I never knew before.  One of which is he is the producer of Nick Ortner’s The Tapping Solution.  While tapping is not the focus of this interview, he does review the process here and gives his personal testimony to how good it works.

Then, Nick reviews the ground breaking series of his that starts Sept. 5.  Not only shouldn’t you miss that series, you also shouldn’t miss this interview, because it will be taken down by then, and it certainly adds important background information about the series.

Slowly but surely, the world is waking up to herbs and what they can do, after having been suppressed by Big Pharma, just like Canabis, for so long.  We are finally rediscovering ancient healing secrets that a greedy few have kept from the public for so long.

You also have another chance to sign up for this ground breaking series from this interview page.  So catch it while you still can.

Click here to go to the interview page.


Remember, I Do Coaching


I am still doing private coaching, and EFT, or tapping, is one of the modalities I use because it works wonders.  When traditional remedies don’t work, including hypnosis, I can often get results quick with EFT.  And, if you mention this post, you can have 50% off my usual fee!  Just contact me at the contacts page above.

Discover the Miracle of CBD


While you are waiting to check this series out, you can educate yourself on two exciting healing remedies that can get you started on the road to health.

One is CBD oil and the many products made from it.  It is taking the world by storm, and you can jump on the bandwagon NOW and start a healing journey of health and wellness.

Whether you have diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or almost any other ailment, CBD can help you.  And, if you’re so inclined, there is a business opportunity you can get involved in FOR FREE!

After all, you’re going to want to share this with your friends and family anyway.  They will see your transformation, so you might as well help them find out about this marvelous world of healing they didn’t know exited.

Hell, it WILL EVEN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT!  So, click here to get all the exciting details.

Detox Is Key


But, no matter what you do, if you don’t DETOX YOUR BODY, all the herbs and remedies could be blocked by the toxins in your body.  After all, you wouldn’t throw pure water into a toxic waste dump and expect the water to still be clean, would you?

Unfortunately, with all the chemicals in our food, air, and water, our bodies are loaded down with toxins.  That is one of the reasons for all the degenerative diseases we suffer today.

So many people wouldn’t be getting cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses that were virtually unknown a couple of generations ago.

So our first order of business should be to cleanse our bodies so that herbs and CBD’s can do their work with greater strength and without interference.

Fortunately, there is a cleanser that will do the trick and chances are you have the ingredients right in your kitchen to make this miracle Detox Tea.

It’s called the Red Tea Detox and it’s done wonders for many people.  It can do the same for you, so that instead of feeling yucky you will feel great!  Click here for full details.


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