Your Life Will Go According To Your Visualizations! (Powerful Teachings!)

This is a powerful message.  If you only knew how true this is, you could manifest anything you want into your life.  You should say to yourself “no matter what happens, this is for my good.”  That will put you into an ever expanding cycle of success!

When so called “setbacks” happen, view them as good.  Thomas Edison failed 11,000 times to create the lighbulb, but what did he say?  Did he say in despair “this will never work?”  No, he KNEW it would work because he visualized it in his mind.  He simply said, “Now I know another way this won’t work, so I am one step closer to success!”

So our so called “failures” are actually teaching us what ways don’t work, and they put us closer to what will.

You have a marvelous mind.  It is very powerful, and whatever you visualize can come true.  Here is a great video to explain this power to you.

Here are some resources from Bob Proctor, one of the foremost teachers in this field.

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