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Welcome to the

Fast Track

to Internet Entrepreneur Business Building Program!

Hello Student:

I’m excited to have you with us!   If you truly understand the power that we’re going to put into your hands, you should be pretty excited too!

I’ve spent the last 20 years and literally tens of thousands of dollars on courses, systems, programs, tools, subscriptions and even though I’ve thrown most of that out, it’s not wasted because I was able to find what works and what doesn’t work.

You will be the beneficiary of all that.  I offer you this training for free, but don’t be misled.  You will need to spend a few bucks here and there in setting up your own system, so please understand that.  My ‘training’ is FREE, but what you put into your system is entirely up to you.   If you play your cards right and follow instruction, your new business cash flow will leverage you into a robust marketing machine with very little out of pocket!

But this will only happen if you ‘engage’ the program, get involved and follow the instructions.  I’m providing this training for you at my own time and expense which is no small matter.

But I DO expect you to reciprocate by following the program as it’s designed.  This means you follow the instructions of each lesson, complete the tasks, use the tools and set up the profit centers we’re using.   If you don’t then you’ll be wasting your time AND MINE which doesn’t settle well with me and is not the purpose.  So this is our quid pro quo.

If you proceed from this point on, we have an agreement on that. Fair enough?

I’ll be monitoring activity and those who are idle, not active or sifting my hard earned experience and information for their own possible nefarious purposes, and those will be removed from the group without notice and that would be a shame, because we’ve got some amazing stuff coming for you!  So keep up and follow the program!

I am building a unique team of entrepreneurs here, and you will be glad for the coaching and advice you receive.  IF YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, A YEAR FROM NOW YOU COULD BE LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, AND THAT IS NO JOKE.  But remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme and does require effort on your part.

So I want to get things off to a fast start for you so I’ll be sharing some info with you over the days ahead which I hope you’ll use to your benefit to get your business set up and running fast!

So please give me your attention on the first couple of things I have for today….
#1…  Please understand that we are not promoting any single product, service or program.  We are  helping you to build an internet business infra- structure (Sales funnel) which will allow you to promote multiple products and services simultaneously from one single activity: building your list, or, in the alternative, you can do this from your blog.

I have selected some of the best programs available to help you dive head first into the digital age and benefit from the huge paradigm shift going on right now.  You will either benefit, or be left behind.  Simple.

The key point here is that I will show you how to build your own complete ‘marketing system’ which will be the vehicle to use for various purposes later.

This training program is designed to help you create multiple streams of independent cash flow so that you are no longer dependent on a job or income from an outside source which ties you to the ‘system’ and subjects you to forfeiture, seizure, tracking and control.

Succeed in what we’re doing here and you should  have more than enough cash to be free, do what you want when you want and fulfill your God given destiny!

Follow the steps included in this training and you’ll be empowered to achieve your dreams.  That’s not hype, just fact.  I’m doing it.  I’m my own living testimonial.  I’ve been living like a retired person and traveling the world since I was 40.  I’m 58 now and have the enthusiasm for life of a 30 year old.  I’ve done this by implementing the concepts I want to teach you.

Are you ready to get results?  Let’s go…

#1… I’ll be posting to this blog every other day or so. That pace might be too fast for you to accomplish everything every other day.  You probably have a busy schedule doing other things too.  For that reason, you should copy these posts and form an archive where you know  where to find it.  You can then load up an autoresponder with these messages or post to your blog.  Your choice.

Whenever you have the time you go the folder, select what you need and you can take it at your own pace.

#2…The concept of this program and your success, is so simple.  It comes down to this:
  • You join this free training program and follow the clear and simple instructions.
  • You’ll learn how to build a ‘tribe’ of followers (subscribers to your email list or blog)
  • You participate in several powerful lucrative programs which are all independent of each other and are stand alone programs unto themselves.
  • You’ll build your own proprietary list of followers by offering them this very same FREE training program which will be automatically duplicated and put into your own auto-responder.  Think about this, everyone who is tied to a J.O.B. needs this!  That’s an endless market!
  • Your messages, just like this one and others to follow, will contain your own customized affiliate links.
  • Your tribe will follow you into these programs thus automatically building your network of clients and the resulting cash flow from multiple programs (profit centers) generated from only one list.  Got it?

You’ll end up with your own proprietary email list of followers and prospects.  You can do whatever you like with that list and branch off into another business activity or whatever you want to do.

We’ll get into more advanced business concepts as time goes on but that’s enough for now.  Does it make sense so far?

Here are two videos you need to have under your belt right now.  You’ve probably already seen one, if not both but it’s important you have them both here for easy reference.

It’s important to have the right mindset, attitude and expectations which is why the ‘Fast Track’ video is so important.   Watch that when you can and then watch for the post,l coming soon!


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