Scaler Weapons

Weather manipulations are another aspect of the scalar terrorism which is
facing us, and this has in fact been on-going for the past several decades.
The Yakuza took over the weather war against the West when it leased the
older longitudinal wave interferometers from the KGB. In section 16 of
Bearden's new document he sets out an incredible and frightening list of
methods of scalar weather attacks, and of other means of scalar attack. This
list drives home how versatile these weapons are, and how much more
dangerous they are than the kind of "terrorism" targeted by the so-called
"war on terrorism" of the current administration. Maybe the situation is so
hopeless that the government is right in denying that it exists. Perhaps it
would be too much for the public to bear if the truth were broadcast. But
forewarned is certainly forearmed, at least to a degree. Here are just a few
items from the list of attack possibilities. See the document for the full

Weather engineering
Steering the jet streams, thus "steering" or "guiding" weather entities. By
warming the air in one region, the warm air expands so that it is thinner.
Thus the interferometry makes a low pressure area in that region. By
gradually moving the "warming region" (by moving the interference zone's
location), the low pressure area is "steered" and its path is determined. By
cooling the air in a region, a high pressure area is created, and it is
steered in the same fashion. By making multiple highs and lows and adroitly
positioning and steering them, the jet streams and other prevailing winds
can be entrained, "captured" and steered. This alone allows substantial
augmentation and steering of weather effects.

Triggering volcanos
By focusing the interference zone inside a volcano to its magma, and
steadily depositing additional EM energy in the piezoelectric matter, a
buildup of pressure in the volcano is induced. Eventually the volcano will
erupt from the increased pressure. If the increase in pressure is applied
slowly, the slow increase in pressure will be held longer by the static
friction, so that a higher pressure is reached before the volcano erupts.
This engenders a large and violent eruption, with consequently greater
ejection and distant dispersion of ash, lava, and other debris.

Blasting away with explosions
All sorts of "patterns" of EM energy -- glowing spheres, hemispheres,
etc. -- can be produced and these can be used against various targets,
either for electrical and electronic destruction or for electromagnetic
explosions of these balls of energy once they contact the intended target

Triggering earthquakes
By depositing the extra interferometry energy in a fault zone location, the
increased piezoelectric activity will also result in increased stress in the
rocks, thereby inducing an earthquake when the rocks finally slip. By
adjusting the rate at which the excess energy is added, the size of the
resulting earthquake can also be changed.

Direct Killing
By inducing repeatedly pulsed negative energy in an area containing living
animals or humans, the animals or humans can be directly killed. Strong
pulsing will result in rather instant death, where the bodies drop limply,
with not even a nerve cell firing thereafter. Everything living ¾ cells,
microbes, viruses, whatever ¾ in the struck bodies is killed instantly, and
the bodies do not decay, even over a month or more. The Soviets tested such
weaponry in this mode against two Afghan villages in their own war in
Afghanistan, and it is probable that the Yakuza is now able to produce
portable weapons with this capability.

Killing underground or underwater
Since the longitudinal EM waves used in the interferometry of a scalar
interferometer easily penetrate Faraday shields, the ocean, the earth, etc.,
such weapons are very useful in attacking deep underground targets and
facilities and destroying them or wreaking damage. In Japan, the Yakuza has
demonstrated this capability on a few occasions to kill severe Japanese
critics inside deep shelters or shielded facilities. The significant impact
on strategic command and control centers in underground bunkers and
facilities can be easily appreciated. Essentially all facilities and
personnel become vulnerable.

Triggering nuclear powerplant meltdown
The use of a more portable scalar interferometer to destroy the electronic
controls of a normal or nuclear power plant from a distance is obvious. With
nuclear power plants this poses the risk of a melt down. Electrical controls
for pipe valves, etc. are also vulnerable; the storage of spent nuclear fuel
rods is largely underwater in pools on normal power plant sites. If the
water is drained from those pools, the rods will heat up and again a melt
down condition or very hazardous venting of radioactivity can ensue

Wiping out electronics & power grids
Large electronic complexes such as switching and control systems,
centralized control systems for power grids and substations, etc. are deadly
vulnerable to scalar interferometry attack, by either long range or short
range interferometers.

Targeting infrastructure
Chemical plants, refineries, fuel storage sites, tank farms, etc. are also
deadly vulnerable to scalar interferometry, including portable attack.

Sinking tankers
Liquid natural gas ships, oil tankers, etc. are also highly vulnerable to
scalar interferometry attack.

Turn out the lights and keep them out
Surges on the power distribution grid transmission lines can easily be
accomplished by scalar interferometry, methodically causing great damage to
the grid and emergency shutdown of most of its "feeding" power plants. As
much of the grid as desired can easily be kept nonfunctional, as long as
desired, by occasional repeats.

This gives an idea of the real future of terrorism. The centralized power
grid is our greatest vulnerability, our weakest link, and so is obviously
the first choice target of new scalar terrorists.

"Once the Yakuza scalar interferometers are factored into the strategic
terrorist threat situation, there is no recourse that can save the present
centralized electrical power system. Instead, the only way to prevent the
induced total economic collapse of the United States by collapsing the
centralized electrical power system, is to immediately initiate the
strongest possible "energy from the vacuum" systems development and
production program, to replace the entire centralized power system,
including its long distribution lines and large feeder power plants. That
system is simply not defensible and not sustainable against the threat as it
already exists, and against the hostile assets already successfully inserted
or waiting in support from abroad."
"As can be seen, the action that is necessary if we are to prevent our total
economic collapse in a little more than two years, and also our subsequent
total destruction, is a Manhattan type project to massively develop and
deploy EFTV electrical power systems. We bluntly state without further
discussion that such systems are indeed already developed in our own country
and worldwide, and so they are available, but they have deliberately been
withheld or suppressed for many decades.

"Short of a direct Presidential order and Decision Directive, there appears
to be no way that the necessary program can be or will be galvanized. Our
morose assessment is that, unless some other major strategic factor enters
the conflict, the Yakuza and terrorists, under present centralized control
and planning, will probably succeed in catastrophically destroying the U.S.
economy on schedule, leaving the U.S. prostrate for its subsequent physical
destruction in a giant "turkey shoot"."

U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased

An even more fantastic deployment of scalar terrorism is the use of scalar
weapons in "psychoenergetics" mode, the mode and wave patterns that affect
the human minds in the targeted interference zone. This becomes a true
"enemy within," for the weapons are operating within our own minds themselve
s, inducing thought forms and feelings, without the people themselves being
aware of the true cause. The psychoenergetics aspect of the scalar
terrorists is to create polarization within the targeted population, to
cause neighbor to fight with neighbor creating increasing enmity, chaos and
division. Why fight us if they can make us fight each other? Why declare a
war if they can bring about a civil war and make us kill each other?

"Among sociologists, there is much support for the position that societal
polarizations are phenomena which naturally tend to increase anyway {}.
Further, many pollsters already state that the nation is very seriously
polarized already, as the election looms. For example, quoting John Zogby:

"'I have been calling this the Armageddon election now for months because we
are so polarized, so split culturally, politically, ideologically,
demographically, like almost no other time in American history. … The last
time the nation was this deeply divided over what course to take was the
original Armageddon election of 1800."

"However, for the first time in history, certain rather esoteric FSB/KGB
weapons are being directly employed to gradually intensify the societal
polarizations in America ¾ straight vs. gay, conservative vs. liberal,
Republican vs. Democrat, one religion against another, one race against
another, labor class vs. financial class, etc. The strategic objective is
that these increasing societal polarizations will become so fierce that,
about two years from now, they will also be spilling into the streets of our
cities in serious rioting and bloodshed, resulting in chaos, martial law,
etc. and severe polarization and disorganization.

"So far, this plan -- deliberate escalation of our societal polarizations --
is right on schedule, as anyone can see now, and as one will increasingly
see in the time remaining prior to the election.

"U.S. societal polarizations will increase in intensity until the election,
after which the polarizations and their intensities will remain -- and in
fact they will continue to increase after the election is over. Temporary
conversions and fractional conversions of the minds and mind operations (and
therefore the behavior) of selected leaders or prime movers in the various
polarization areas are being used. This capability has arisen from the
branch of energetics known as psychoenergetics, and such measures are now
being used in a highly selected manner to intensify our polarizations."

Is the current deeply split polarization of the U.S. population being
augmented by psychoenergetic use of the KGB/Yakuza Tesla-type weapons? If so
it is one more card in our house of cards being flicked away at by the new
scalar terrorists. Bearden estimates all these methods are being used and
are leading toward the final ultimate attack attack which will come about
two years from now.

"As stated, the Yakuza is a major arm of the KGB's coordinated asymmetric
war and terrorism. The Yakuza reports to and coordinates with those hidden
FSB/KGB directors. The Yakuza view is that ¾ together with the other
terrorist organizations already having infiltrated substantial assets into
this nation, and together with chaos in U.S. streets due to severe
polarizations gradually being intensified now ¾ they are already helping to
bleed the dragon increasingly. Then within two years they will joyfully
begin the direct destruction of the centralized U.S. electrical power system
and other key economic targets (harbors, refineries, pipelines, etc.). They
will also participate in immune system spreading (explained later in this
paper), as a force amplifier to biological warfare strikes by other
terrorists. As all this destruction ramps up over the next two years, it
will crescendo and catastrophically collapse the entire economy of the U.S.
within about two and a half years from now.
"Given the planned present offensive schedule and the insertions already
accomplished, indeed the plan for full strategic destruction of the U.S. is
likely to succeed."

Bearden concludes his article on scalar terrorism with a chilling summary.
The dangers posed by the proliferation of scalar weapons to rogue criminal
groups are almost too terrible to contemplate. The government pretends the
situation does not exist, perhaps to avoid panic, perhaps partly out of
gross ignorance, which amounts to incompetence. We don't even know what they
know since all real government is now conducted in total secrecy. The people
are unprotected and blissfully unaware. In such a situation it is hard to
see how the plans of scalar terrorism could fail.

"We will see the operational unleashing of this terrible plan, beginning
during the next two years, gradually increasing in intensity, and finishing
in the early part of the third year with the catastrophic economic collapse
of the United States. Once the economic collapse is complete and the nation
is in utter chaos, the sudden dudding of all our nuclear weapons, power
plants, and nuclear propulsion systems will be the coup de grace that leaves
us a hapless target. The rest of it is a turkey shoot, to simply execute us
and finish us off."

The KGB/Yakuza faction is now a force to be reckoned with which trumps all
other factions and renders them meaningless. The bank factions are fairly
meaningless once the whole banking system is rendered inoperable by the
destruction of the power grid. It becomes total chaos. The corporations are
also rendered impotent without electricity. Our defensive nuclear weapons
lie dudded and useless in their silos. The electronics on which our military
now depends is fried to a crisp by scalar electromagnetic devices, now being
produced by Japanese organized crime syndicates. Assymetric scalar terrorism
is utterly destructive, sending us backward in time by at least a century.
The so-called "new world order" becomes total worldwide disorder. There is
no gas for cars, no electricity for anything, food and water become the only
really significant issues. Our previous concerns about terrorists getting
nuclear devices will seem ridiculous in retrospect as the survivors attempt,
perhaps hopelessly, to restart civilization.

In those day people will be mourning "We should have been paying attention
to this. We should have developed free energy. We should have listened to
the warnings. Our leaders deceived us. We have destroyed ourselves."

Bearden's "Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use" is a
must-read document. I have only been able to give a summary here, there are
many more details and considerations in the document itself. It should be
widely distributed in hopes that we can wake up in time to avert the madness
and destruction. Above all, the secrecy in which all these matters are held
by governments must be abolished and all of it brought out into the light of
day. For his part in doing that, Tom Bearden remains a true American hero in
my eyes, a patriot of the highest order, and his website remains a treasure
trove of hidden and "forbidden" knowledge.

For further study:

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use
by Tom Bearden
(MS Word document)

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Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use

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The Aum science minister, Hideo Marai, a nuclear physicist, regarded as the
most intelligent living Japanese, was present at Banjawarn during the scalar
fireball events on 28 May 1993. According to David Guyatt, Hideo Murai,
(said to have a higher IQ than Einstein) was killed by a Korean with a
knife. His last words were "Yudaya", translated as "Judea". This was a
codeword. Guyatt claims the assassination was orchestrated by the Yakuza,
the feared Japanese crime mafia and that the Aum sect was researching and
developing Tesla electromagnetic pulse, earthquake inducing and plasma
weapons in remote regions of the world. Murai, was researching EM
technology, microwaves, and other EM/ray/wave technology and cosmic X-ray
analysis. The Aum sect had a laser device capable of inducing massive
earthquakes. An Aum guru claimed on Jan 8 1995 that Japan will be attacked
by an earthquake in 1995 and the most likely place was Kobe. It happened on
Jan 17 1995, and the epicenter was Hayakawa's faculty. According to Robert
Sterling the Aum sept military trained its members at Russian bases. They
recruited staff at Russia's best faculty. Boris Yeltsin's confidante, Oleg
Lobov arranged this and helped Aum recruits scientists into the cult, and
carry out espionage. This Russia-Japan college is financed by Japan's
Liberal Democrat Party. According to Sterling, Aum had amassed a great
fortune, and recruited thousands of followers including Russian scientists
and many technical people in the Soviet Far East. They were working on
genetically manipulating biological anti-toxins, plasma technology and
experimenting with brainwaves. Hideo Murai was a scientific genius and said
on radio, that he was familiar with scalar and Tesla weapons and the he
could shield Aum members from EM weaponry. Before the massive earthquake,
with the near exact epicenter at Kobe Steel, Murai's faculty, there were
massive electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere for several months
before, also for several days prior glowing orange-red and pink lights and
spherical forms hovered over the Kobe fault line. Over 5,500 people died. It
may have been Russia, or N Korea suggested Ted Daniels, in order to make the
prophecy come true, or perhaps an accident at Murai's earthquake lab. Mason
wondered if US had done it for a warning to comply with the NWO and with the
threat towards the Exmouth faculty on 28 may 1993, was it tit for tat? Mason
says that the fireballs love flying on 1 May, ironically asking who
celebrates that day? However looking at the dates, one can see a pattern: 17
Jan 1995 Kobe "quake", 20 March 1995 Tokyo subway gas attack, 17 April 1995
OK city bombing, 1 May 1995 Perth exploding fireball, 17 July shootdown of
TWA Flight 800 off NY/LI. Could the 17th day be a sign of payback Mason
asks? He says apart from the gas attacks, there is evidence of scalar
weapons for all of these. Mason also writes that the Tokyo gas attack may
have named Aum as a patsy. Strangely over 50% of the Japanese Liberal
Democratic Party Cabinet flew to N Korea for a week, the day after the
subway attack. Mason says there is evidence that the CIA executed the subway
gas attack to destabilize the LDP govt.

Just thirty days before the OK FBI building 'bombing', Murai Aum's science
minister told foreign reporters he was ready to "tell all", which would
clear Aum of all charges regarding the Tokyo subway gas attacks. But three
weeks later Murai was stabbed by a N Korean, soon after the subway attacks.
Aum blamed US for the Kobe earthquake. According to Sterling the Japanese
Liberal Democrat Party has been in business with the Yakuza for decades, and
that they helped sponsor the Russia-Japan College in Moscow, where Aum was
able to obtain so many of its newest recruits, and that both this cult and
the Yakuza had deep roots in the Kobe/Osaka area!

Sterling wrote: "The whistle- blower Debra von Trapp stated, in late April
of 1995, that the Clinton team had some advance warnings of the impending
[OK city] attack -- that U.S. military intelligence had "popped the Sarin"
in Tokyo to punish the Japanese for buying American agents who set up a
surveillance operation in the White House, and who bugged the Clintons'
computers! And that the Oklahoma City attack followed the first Sarin attack
by precisely thirty days! Again and again ... everything conspires to
implicate "Japan, Incorporated" with the Yakuza and the bold, openly
aggressive Buddhist cult called Aum Shinrikyo... means, motive, money and
access to super-weapons and secret technologies." Sterling blames the Yakuza
for 9/11 using technology developed by Aum, though others say it was an
inside job, however there is evidence scalar technology was used to topple
the WTC buildings - but whose? Mason says that Japanese investigative
journalists at suggest that Aum was a cover for the Japanese
govt. to rearm Japan with new Russian weapons systems, and support for this
has been given because Japan purchased new frontline jet fighters and
bombers and did joint defense exercises between Russia and Japan. Aum has
trained with Russian troops. In 1993 and 1994 Shoko Asahara, the Aum leader
complained to Australian authorities that himself, and Aum had been
subjected to gas and laser attacks. The press suggested that a very
influential foreign secret service has been getting at Aum and the Japanese
govt. According to David Guyatt in his Tesla Doom Weapons & Aum Shinrikyo
found at yet another Japanese
cult is operating throughout all govt. departments and has enormous
influence over Japanese foreign policy. It is the militaristic cult called
Soka Gakkei, with 15 million members worldwide and massive finances. Every
major Japanese business corp is riddled with members. They adhere to the
teaching of a 13 century Buddhist monk, who preached a doctrine of "Final
War" to be fought against the Christian West and Islamic world. This was
revitalized in the 1930s by the chief military strategist for the Japanese
army of Occupation in Manchuria, China and he was an admirer of Hitler. It
was the location of their unspeakable biological experiments on the Chinese
and allied prisoners. Aum also adhered to the teachings of this monk.

In 1987 a Japanese satellite was launched to detect gamma radiation from
Russian and Chinese nuclear tests. They registered a massive pulse of gamma
rays emanating from a Soviet satellite, which was radiating the Van Allen
belts. The conclusion was that the Russians were engaged in weather
engineering, as well as developing a spaceplatform for missile defense and
earthquake induction. Hideo Murai, the Aum science minister received this
information being one of Japan's leading X-ray astronomers at the time. The
head of Japan's foreign intelligence sponsored Aum, and hence Murai started
his scalar testing in Western Australia. He was about to reveal all, but was
killed. According to journalist Jack Amano, in David Guyatt's article: "It
was Hayakawa who decided to purchase the sheep station [in early April
1993], just days prior to the energy event and subsequent ground tremor.
Hayakawa's sojourns to Russia reaped rewards: "Aum's Russian scientists had
provided detailed designs and the theoretical grounding to develop a
technology more powerful even than the ultimate weapon predicted by Asahara.
Not least in the Aum efforts, was the acquisition of related US weapons data
obtained by hacking into "sensitive US databases. This, with the aid of
Japanese government funding, Russian technological know-how and advanced
equipment provided by major Japanese transnational corporations, a
terrifyingly powerful super-weapon was being constructed in secret."


In 1985 a Chinese Boeing 747 aircraft enroute to Los Angeles suffered
anomalous engine flameout. The jetliner fell 32,000 feet, and the pilot
finally managed to restart the engines and make an emergency landing in San
Francisco. In the incident, different instruments apparently disagreed with
each other and disagreed with the observations of the pilot and crew.
Bearden says this was a scalar test, but only a mild one with scalar
interferometry (endothermic mode) causing electrostatic cooling in the
internal combustion gases of the jet turbine, which reduces the pressure and
thrust. The Chinese got the latest exotic U.S. weapons and time travel
technology, when a worker there Dr Wen Ho Lee leaked top-secret technology
information back to China, when he worked at Los Alamos laboratory a few
years ago. This included nuclear cluster bombs and a weapon which struck
with a bolt of lightning. At Los Alamos a Tesla Long-Pulse Magnet self
destructed some years back. This magnet was comprised of nested cores of
copper wire, which were all inside the other. It was what is called a
60-Tesla magnet. A 1-Tesla magnet holds a piece of paper, and 2-Tesla could
yank a refrigerator door off. This could be used to create the time portal
there that Dr Richard Boylan wrote about. He claimed they used a
'holographic' portal to travel across space-time and possibly
interdimensionally. Dr Wen Ho Lee worked on this 'holographic portal'. It
has been said that the Russians ordered an enormously powerful gigantic
sized magnet from U.S. a few years ago. Magnets give off scalar waves which
distort hyperspace and can be used to create dimensional doorways. The
Chinese space center is at Lop Nor, which is known as a natural vortex. Did
they too create their own interdimensional doorway to time-travel? Lop Nor
had sixteen nuclear bombs dropped on it at Sinkiang Provence until 1975.
According to the article 'Fortress Australia' the Lop Nor super computer is
linked to the American military supercomputer at Pine Gap, also a natural
vortex area. It's possible that time has been bent to access Lop Nor because
it is possible to walk down a short corridor at Pine Gap and come out at
U.S. Military base Area 51 in Nevada. The Chinese also now have beam weapons
which can knock down satellites. It is not known what kind of beam weapons
they use to knock down satellites, but they do have scalar weapons and
quantum potential weapons (which can induce deseases using scalar waves).

In 1978 Dr. Andrija Puharich described early Soviet work with Tesla's method
of 'controlled earthquakes,' he stated: "Of the many great earthquakes of
1976, there is one that demands special attention -- the July 28, 1976
Tangshan, China earthquake." Puharich's analysis is significant because it
describes airglow plasma effects created by the Soviet Woodpecker system.
Ionosphere heating ELF systems, like HAARP, can generate similar effects. He
stated: "The reason that this 1976 earthquake attracted my attention is that
it was preceded by a light flare-up of the entire sky over Tangshan. Also,
this earthquake occurred during the first month of Soviet Woodpecker radio
emissions...The most prominent effect was that when the Soviet Woodpecker
emission was on at full strength -- the sky would light up like an ionized
gaslamp -- just as Tesla had predicted." The 6/5/77 New York Times described
the great earthquake, which destroyed Tangshan, China and killed about
800,000 people: "Just before the first tremor at 3:42am, the sky lit up like
daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200
miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing
vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball." These electrical
effects are tied to electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning and the
strange array of flashes which results from Tesla-style and HAARP-like
transmissions. However the article in Nexus by Gary T. Whitford on
earthquakes says that five days before the Tangshan earthquake the French
detonated a nuclear bomb at Muroroa Island in the Pacific and also one day
before the earthquake U.S detonated a nuclear bomb in Nevada.

According to the Oct 1995 Nexus magazine, in 1974 a scientist called Dr
Matsushita working at the national Center of Atmospheric Research in U.S.
discoverd the magnetic field of the earth and ionosphere were disturbed for
ten to forteen days after an underground nuclear test. In 1977 he was
forbidden by the U.S. government to take measurements for two weeks after a
nuclear test! Satellite data shows nuclear testing is the cause of abnormal
polar motion of the earth. The normal polar motion of the earth, called the'
Chandler Cycle' which makes a revolution every 430 days, shifts radically
after every nuclear test. Is this being done deliberately to invoke a pole
shift 'to create a new world?' Gary Whiteford said that there were 1,800
nuclear bombs exploded from 1945 to March 1989 alone! Since 1980 there has
been an average of close to fifty underground nuclear tests taking place
every year. The rotation of the earth is in severe danger with this as well
as the Russians sending in scalar waves to the molten core and distrupting
the earth's rotation as well. It has been said that the molten core produces
the earth's magnetic field and Americans are also ripping this to shreds
with all the HAARP transmitters, not only above large areas but altering the
magnetic north poles deliberately with this to position them away from its
natural place.


On 17 April 1995, the FBI building was supposedly blown up by Timothy
McVeigh and Terry Nichols with contrary evidence to prove this. However 5-10
seconds before the explosion, the FBI building shook violently, as in an
earthquake according to Mason. Seismic evidence recorded showed a
double-pronged explosive energy event, with two nearly identical 3-5 second,
low amplitude multiple wave trains, separated by a null field, occurring
over a 9 second interval after the initial seismic action 5-10 seconds
before the blast. A loud click before the explosion was heard as well.
Sparks came out of wires in the building before, lights went out 5 seconds
before and an ionizing electrical sensation of hot air flow prior to the
explosion. An eyewitness about 200 meters away from ground zero watched a
silver-white light flash or beam coming out the top of the building,
followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by
an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out the top of the building 5
seconds before the explosion. This was followed immediately by two explosive
shock waves, that came out of the base of the building. Several cars on the
above ground carpark, had electrical ignition computers burnt out
completely, as well as many office computers getting burnt out circuit
boards, and Mason says these facts point to a major EM pulse attack.
Everything up to almost a mile from ground zero had been knocked down and
shattered, the devastation was beyond belief. At the epicenter steel girders
were twisted like spaghetti, but no witnesses described any kind of fireball
or fiery effects. There was just pre-explosion light flashes, followed by
pure energy waves, with a very high plasma-type heat affecting car paint.
Aerial photos of the FBI building show two nearly identical tube-like damage
forms running through the building, representing slightly displaced near
vertical, but divergent beam/pulse orientations, suggesting an orbital
platform was used. Was it even a cosmosphere or even a satellite?

According to Bill Morgan: "If you can cause an earthquake you can also set
it to, say, bring down a single buildings, of pair of buildings. It may be
that the collapse of WTC twin towers was actually the first major scalar
attack in world history. Because in a certain mode the waves at the
interference zone can cause metal to soften, even to melt. If so, the planes
crashing into them were merely a cover story to cloak the fact that the
Tesla Howitzer had been used. A mishap with one of these devices could wipe
out all life on earth. They could disrupt the scalar wave balance between
earth and sun in such a way that would cause massive solar disturbances and
storms, completely frying the earth." It's possible that the metal softening
mode was set for both the FBI building and the WTC twin towers, which may
have caused the buildings to collapse. A UFO was seen at the WTC and filmed
by some Japanese who were at the scene. They put it online as a video. It
appeared to have been cloaked. Who was in it? Could more than one faction
have been involved besides the bombs placed on the supports (heard by
firemen going off), the planes hitting and the scalar attack. Did an outside
scalar attack take advantage of a first hit by someone else?


The Sept 2000 UFO magazine (UK) ran an article called 'Electrogravitics'and
it said that many countries have anti-grav research going. Graham Birdsall,
the editor was told by a man who used to be a US navy seal, who was a Knight
of Malta. The Knights of Malta are the military arm of the Vatican and Malta
Knighthoods are award to the military and intelligence community. He said
that corporate bodies and multinational institutions who have a vested
interest in conventional energy production, gave out blank checks to those
who invented anti-grav devices, or even $10-$20 million. Apparently this was
nothing when trillions of dollars are at stake. He said that environmental
friendly energy saving devices have been suppressed for decades, and even a
car which runs on water has been suppressed for twenty years. According to
the article the B-2 stealth bomber and F-117 both use anti-grav technology.
Brazil also has this technology. A physics professor called Fran de Aquino
demonstrated to thirty-six scientists around the world how his anti-grav
technology worked. He has been given a $600,000 grant from the US dept. of
energy to validate it and parallel Russian work. Is this connected with
Brazilian space program? British Aerospace anti-gravity research is headed
by a Chinese-American female scientist. Britain's anti-gravity research was
first developed at universities in Lancashire and South Yorkshire.
Unfortunately Graham Birdsall has since died, did he say too much? The
things he published of late were very confidential information, and many UFO
researchers have died in suspicious circumstances. In the book :the
Controllers" by Commander X, a Serb man called Vladimir Terzinski told of
the Nazi UFO program. He claimed that the Catholic Jesuit Order was the link
between the Illuminati and the Nazis. He had documents and photos of the
disk shaped craft the Nazis constructed, that were powered by Schauberger
turbines and Kohler TACHYON magneto-gravitic drives (all based on free
energy or antigravity) He claimed that the British may have landed on the
moon a century ago, and that even the Vatican has a group of scientists who
rocket off into space from South American bases. Others have also said that
the Vatican has a base on the moon. The US anti-grav base is at Area 51. The
book also says that the Japanese has anti-grav technology developed at Thoku
university in Sendai, Japan. With alien alliances it is possible that
various countries have reached outerspace long before planes were even
invented. Considering how many underground and undersea alien bases here
(some of which have been here for at least hundreds of years) would it not
be easy to form an alliance with the inhabitants of over one thousand bases,
according to Al Bielek now on the planet? Bill Morgan claims that according
to Tom Bearden, fifteen nations now have scalar weapons and apparently the
most developed are those in Russia, China and Israel. No information can be
found on the Chinese scalar weapons program but it known that the U.S.
helped Taiwan with theirs. Israel has been said to have given covert
technology to China and there was a Chinese spy Wen Ho Lee working at Los
Alamos. The countries which are said to have scalar weapons are: Russia, US,
France, Britain, Australia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa,
Brazil, Argentina and China. It is unknown who the fifteenth country is
(perhaps Ukraine?) or if anyone else has them but Brazil is tying in with
India and China scientifically so possibly India would have access to the
technology at some point. They can be manufactured with a device creating a
simple modification of radar and Russia may be selling them to many
countries or even leasing them as they do to the Japanese Aum and Yazuka
cults. Perhaps as long as the money is given they will lease to anyone and
if they are secretly at war with the U.S., they may be only too pleased to
encourage people to use them as long as it's not on themselves!

Henry Kroll (
covered some Nazi activity in Antarctica in his book 'Space Ships of The
Gods'. He wrote: " I have a copy of a 1948 list of 261 German flying
saucers. There are 84 Vrills of 11.5 meters in diameter and three Haunebu
II's 25 meters in diameter and several Hanebu III's of 79 meters diameters.
These have speeds of 2900 miles per hour and the capability of traveling to
Mars. A Hanebu IV was on the drawing boards. Several Andromeda mother ships
were constructed in the old Zeppelin hangers at the same time as the
Vrills...If the Nazis had 261 flying saucer craft in 1948 they could very
well have built thousands of them since then. Even if all of their bases in
Germany were bombed out of existence I am sure that some of them survived
such as the Marconi plant located inside an extinct ten-thousand-foot,
volcano some where in South America. Who knows what underground cities they
have by now."

W.A. Harbinson's wrote in his book 'Genesis': "Admiral Byrd is quoted by a
reporter as saying: "It is necessary for the USA to take defensive actions
against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions," and in the
case of a new war the USA would be "attacked by fighters that can fly with
incredible speed from one pole to the other without refueling."

Branton also wrote in his book 'Secrets of the Mojave': "U.S. Rear Admiral
Richard E. Byrd [in] the Antarctic region...involved nearly 4,000
well-trained military Naval troops, military vessels such as destroyers,
subs, aircraft carrier and aircraft. Upon arriving at the polar continent
they reportedly split into three separate groups and began a massive
reconnaissance- like operation. One source even claimed that Byrd's Navy
encountered 'resistance' there and that there was a photo-finish FIGHT
between American and Nazi forces there, with losses on both sides...When the
Americans left two weeks later... Byrd, after arriving home, reportedly went
into a rage and began demanding that the government turn Antarctica into a
nuclear test range. Byrd was sworn to secrecy and his diaries are sealed to
this day."

According to Kroll when Admiral Byrd encountered the Nazi UFOs and lost too
many men trying to attack the Nazi base in Antarctica, they returned to
America to build their own UFOs based on the designs retrieved in Germany
after the war. His book says: "Thousands of slave workers and their SS
overlords disappeared in the chaos of the liberation and were never seen
again."... "It is quite possible the Nazis continued to ship saucer parts,
men, and documents to Antarctica throughout the war. Judging by the gigantic
size of underground bases found in Germany after the war, with wind tunnels,
assembly plants, launching pads, machine shops, supply dumps,
accommodations, and adjacent slave quarters for thousands, it is quite
possible they constructed similar bases in Greenland, Antarctica and South
America...Their technology was at least thirty years ahead of the U.S."
Kroll says: "Captain Heinz Schaffer in his book U-977 stated that in April
1945 an SS associate had offered him a demonstration of a "death ray" (laser
weapon)...According to our mainstream scientists lasers weren't invented
until the 1960's....SS General Hans Kammler who pushed the development of
the V-1 and V-2 rockets disappeared from Germany in April 1945, His
whereabouts is a mystery to this day. The German flying saucer team members
Schriver and Bellonzo are dead, and Habermohl was captured by the Russians.
This may account for America's fear of Russian saucers after the war. Miethe
who worked on Projekt saucer, went to work in Canada and America." Allied
bombers and fighter also reported hundreds of flying fireballs along side
their planes and also "death rays" were reported.

According to the book 'UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?' when Admiral Byrd returned
from his Nazi hunting expedition in Antarctica he decided that the best
thing to do would be to turn Antarctica into an 'atomic test range' for
atomic and hydrogen bombs. No sooner had this intention been announced in
the press than an entire 'swarm' of UFOs flew over the White House the book
says "in perfect, 'typically-German' formation." Kroll wrote: "In July 1952
a fleet of flying saucers flew over the White House. They were seen by
thousands of people and document on radar. Jets were scrambled three times
but the saucers easily outran them each time." However Kroll claims that on
Aug 27th, 30th and Sept 1st 1958 the U.S did drop several nuclear bombs on
Antarctica. It is not known how many. According to Nexus magazine two
atmospheric nuclear bombs were dropped on Antarctica in 1975.

Branton's book 'The Coscon Files : Part 33' "Terziski [claims].. that the
German experiments in mind control, genetics, and hybridization (between
humans and animals) -- which were apparently aided by the discovery and
perfection of the microscope in Germany, including a Tesla scalar-wave
microscope which helped the Germans to unlock the human genome -- were
repeated in ten times their intensity in the underground Nazi South Polar
colony or 'city'. This base-city, rumor has it, is known by its inhabitants
as the 'NEW BERLIN' and contains a population of over 2,000,000 people loyal
to the Nazi philosophy."

Advancing the idea that the Nazis continually shipped men and material to
the South Pole throughout the war years, author W. A. Harbinson wrote,
"Regarding the possibility of the Germans building self-sufficient
underground research factories in the Antarctic, it has only to be pointed
out that the underground research centers of Nazi Germany were gigantic
feats of construction, containing wind tunnels, machine shops, assembly
plants, launching pads, supply dumps and accommodation for all who worked
there, including adjoining camps for slaves and yet very few people knew
that they existed."
In the article UFO's. Alien or Man Made by Al Pinto
e.txt) writes about Nazi super weapons. The South Wales (UK) Argus [Dec
13,1944] stated, "The Germans have produced a 'secret' weapon in keeping
with the Christmas season. The new device, which is apparently an air
defense weapon, and resembles the glass balls that adorn Christmas trees.
They have been seen hanging in the air over German territory, sometimes
singly, sometimes in clusters. They are coloured silver and are apparently

The New York Herald Tribune [Jan 2, 1945] said: "Now, it seems, the Nazis
have thrown something new into the night skies over Germany. It is the
weird, mysterious 'Foo Fighter' balls which race alongside the wings of
fighters flying intruder missions over Germany. Pilots have been
encountering this eerie weapon for more than a month in their night flights.
No one apparently knows what this sky weapon is.The balls of fire appear
suddenly and accompany the planes for miles. They seem to be radio
controlled from the ground, so official intelligence reports reveal". Could
they beTesla Globes?

In 1978 at a scientific exhibition at Hanover, Germany some people gave out
a paper containing detailed drawings of Germany's WW2 flying disks (not
mentioning the designer's name) and claimed that the drawing was altered by
the West German govt to render it "safe" for publication. It said that the
patents for the craft went into secret Russian, American and British files
and that the remainder of the files and most likely, the most important
ones, went with the "missing" German scientists and S.S. men. Al Pinto
wrote: "Allegedly, they [Nazis]took with them members of the flying saucer
research teams, the last of the most vital saucer components, the notes and
drawings for the saucer, and the designs for gigantic underground complexes
and living accommodations based on the
underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz mountains [to Argentina,
Chile and Antarctica].

W. A. Harbinson wrote in his book 'Genesis' "...Robert Ley, Minister for
Labor in Nazi Germany in April 1945, excitedly told Albert Speer that German
scientists had invented a "death ray" (possibly a laser weapon). Captain
Heinze Schaeffer, captain of the U-977 submarine (suspected taking Hitler
and Martin Bormann to Patagonia, then on to a secret Nazi base in the
Antarctic), stated in his book "U-boat 977" that in April 1945 an S.S.
associate had offered him a demonstration of a so-called "death ray". In
1960 Soviet Premier Khrushchev had announced the scalar interferometer to
the world saying: "We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our
scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used
it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon." How many
people have built a Tesla 'Death Ray"? In the book "Time Storms" by Jenny
Randles it says that on 22 May 1966, during a survey in Antarctica, Irish
explorer Eric Wilkinson observed what appears like a Tesla Globe being
created. A dense white mass apeared in the south and rose vertically to
about 600ft altitude from near ground level. Its diameter was about 100 ft
and it was largely homogenous during its forty-five minute duration. It
seemed to move very slowly, expand and contact in a pulsating motion in
density. As it did a noise like a swarm of bees or like an electricty
transformer occured. A dark 'tube' emerged from the cloud and struck the
snow at a 45 deg angle. From that point, it created a second reflected ray
or beam from this at a 75 deg angle rising from the first 'tube'. The snow
rose upwards as if by a whirlwind. Wilkinson took several photos. The
Russian Tesla Globes had a black line down the center.

Harry Mason's wrote in 'Bright Skies' that on 1 May 1995 at 2am a large
spherical orange-red fireball with a conical blue-white tail flew from the
Indian Ocean above Perth city, W. Australia Its past trajectory skimmed
Antarctica, near Enderby Land where one Japanese and two Russian bases
reside. One Russian base at Enderby Land has a scalar weapons complex. It's
projected trajectory would have end towards the NE coast of Japan across the
center of the Siberian Kamchatka Peninsular, then over N Alaska emerging
near Nova Scotia, Canada. (The Kamchatka Peninsular has a scalar howitzer
site and according to Bearden the Soviets shot down the Korean plane KAL 007
possibly spying on it a few years ago.) The fireball was flying in a N, NE
direction. The fireball, which emitted a loud roaring pulsed noise stopped
dead above Perth. Suddenly an enormous burst of blue-white light arced
upwards lighting the city as clear as daylight for many km, similar to a
nuclear blast. A loud, vibrating massive explosion and seismic wave (lasting
two minutes) reverberated through Perth causing buildings to shake. Four
bright lights from the center of the fireball raced out and formed a cross
in the sky. That same night other strange aerial noises and small lights
were heard N, NE of Perth. Also 1,900 km north of Perth (north of Broome)
there was a loud, roaring pulsed diesel engine sounding noise which rose to
a cresendo causing objects to fall from their shelves. The seismic vibration
lasted 1-2 minutes.

It will be a battle to the death, with whole cities able to be turned to
ashes with crossed beam scalar weapons and particle beam weapons fired from
satellites. Some unanswered questions still exist though..Will the Earth
survive, or will it get increasingly unsteady and keep wobbling on its axis
as it has been happening recently? Is it better to teach Tesla's scalar
technology openly at the universities or best to keep it under wraps? What
would have been the price to pay for free-energy had Tesla been financially
supported in his work? Is it better to have had the less dangerous but
expensive electricity and associated cancers, OR, to have been able to have
had many gadgets powered by scalar waves and just buy a legal spaceship and
visit other planets with no charge for free-energy power. Government honesty
has been lacking since WW2. Mars could have been colonized openly, and earth
might possibly have been taken over openly by aliens and accepted within an
alien federation. Instead all this is done in secret. Now we are in the
situation where we can be subjected to mass hypnotism via satellite; cities
can be destroyed in an instant by nuclear-like explosions without warning;
any airborne object can be exploded upon launch; earthquakes and erupting
volcanoes manufactured to order; the worrisome thought of the already ripped
magnetic field failing us with major solar flares increasing; or massive
fissures splitting the earth from stimulation of the molten core and the
upsetting of the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth. This is just
from fifty years of scalar weapons in the hands of men who care not for the
citizens of other countries. We need to know just who has them and what they
intend doing with them and to whom. No part of the world is safe, especially
when scalar waves can pass right through the planet. I wish us all a safe
journey through the next millenium -- Christi Verismo


For an extremely chilling expose by Tom Bearden on what the Russians have
been doing since the late 1950's with scalar technology against the U.S. and
numerous more examples of scalar attacks can be found at:




Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

The Historical Background of Scalar Weapons by Tom Bearden.

Fire from the Sky (

Harry Mason 'Bright Skies':

Tom Bearden's website (

Fortress Australia:

Fire From The Sky:

HAARP. the Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E Smith.

UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon? Mattern-Friedrich. Samisdat Publishers Toronto,
Canada. (About 1966.)

Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look At UFOs by Preston Nicholas and
Peter Moon.

The Montauk Project by Preston Nicholas and Peter Moon.

Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. Edited by David Hatcher Childress.

My Contact With UFOs by Dino Kraspedon.


Scalar waves are also known as:

Tesla waves;

longitudinal EM waves;


Radiant Energy;


gravitic waves;

electrogravitational waves;


zero-point energy;

zero-vector EM waves;

electromagnetic quantum energy;

vacuum field energy;


magnetic travelling waves;

electrostatic/magnetostatic waves;

waves of pure potential.

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