The Lies of the Medical Establishment

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The news is getting out on these issues, but here are some facts you may not be aware of:

People are waking up and beginning to question almost everything the government is involved in, but they seem slowest to distrust medical authorities, even though they are part of the medical system created by the Rockefellers for whom vaccines are a multi-billion dollar industry.

And things are barreling down on us right now.

This s a critical time because he cabal has prepared extensively for a “pandemic emergency” which is linked to martial law, the suspension of the Constitution, and forced vaccines with unknown, untested vaccines.
And they’ve rolled out MERS, a relative of SARS which was created in a weapons lab.

Media is ramping up the fear with MERS first coming closer and closer, and now it is in the US. with the CDC starting to put out warnings to air travelers about MERS… and authorities at airports are watching for any obviously sick incoming travelers.

And suddenly, surprise, surprise, the medical system/CDC are working on a “vaccine” for MERS.

Please take notice that they are NOT using colloidal silver (which the medical system has banned in Europe). And they are certainly not using megadoses of vitamin C which works, as this very vivid account indicates.

Polio was the Big Fear once and chemical drugs were supposed solution to this “scourge”….  But it was a Big Lie from start to finish.

No, no, no – that isn’t the way it was.. you might be thinking …. what about all the good those  vaccines did?

Really? Did they?     Be aware that Polio was never what the public was told it was….. Both media and medical data were disseminated to create the terror and the impression of incredible “life-saving” prevention by the use of vaccines.

But perhaps worse, as early as 1949 there was undeniable proof that vitamin C was a complete cure for Polio,  but that was suppressed by the medical industry. The vaccines were sold to the public only for “prevention”   ….   but there is no evidence they prevented anything, and there IS evidence they caused the disease polio.

The prevailing belief, even among today’s doctors is “There was, and still is,  no treatment for Polio.” That is a complete LIE. There is a cure, it’s almost immediate, and the Rockefeller controlled medical establishment has denied it to the world so that vast numbers of children throughout the world have been vaccinated with vaccines that provably cause cancers and many other diseases as a “side effect”.  FACT: The original polio vaccine contained simian virus (SV 40), which is now believed to be responsible for the epidemic of soft tissue cancers that followed the mass vaccinations that took place in the decades after the polio vaccines were put onto the marketplace.


“Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers, and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma.     –    He found SV-40 in OVER 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in OVER 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers. Dr. Carbone believes this study explains why 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated can no longer be associated with asbestos exposure, which WAS their traditional cause.

“Researchers from the Institute of Histology and General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, lead by Dr. Fernanda Martini, discovered SV-40?s presence in a variety other tumors. They found the contaminated rhesus monkey virus (SV-40) in 83% of choriod plexus papillomas, in 73% of ependymomas, in 47% of astrocytomas, in 50% of glioblastomas, and in 14% of meningiomas.

“SV-40 also has been found in 23% of blood samples and 45% of sperm fluids taken from normal individuals!       –    Researchers have determined the SV-40 virus can be transmitted sexually and certainly through blood transfusions.
“Even more shocking, SV-40 has appeared in 61% of ALL new cancer patients — and these patients are too young to have received the contaminated vaccine that was administered forty years ago!”

But before the 1952 epidemic and before the 1955 polio vaccine, vitamin C was curing polio within days.

Vitamin C offered just as dramatic a cure in 2009 for “Swine flu” (and the pneumonia cases, since the WHO lumps them together to increase the inteneded scare factor for Swine flu).                  Here is a 60 Minutes video on the effectiveness of Vitamin C, and the effort of hospitals to block its use.—Miracle-Cure/tabid/309/articleID/171328/Default.aspx     This video went viral internationally  ….. and immediately afterwards, the US FDA banned the mass production of IV vitamin C, while stepping up fear tactics about the Swine flu.

Vitamin C, in fact, is an absolute viricide for ALL viruses. No need for specificity – all viruses. It has cured Dengue fever, West Nile and other diseases – such as AIDS – that are supposedly incurable. But vitamin C is not patentable so can’t be owned, and cheap cures are anathema to the pharmaceutical industry.

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