Regain Your Sovereignty

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Today we begin a very special series of shows in the Mind Mechanix series.  This series will deal with your personal sovereignty.

Why do I, as a spiritual teacher, even discuss these issues?

You are a holistic person, and as such, you can’t compartmentalize your life into a series of boxes.  I deal with the whole person, and this is the Elephant in the Living Room issue that many are too afraid to introduce.  But, to be honest, we must discuss these issues.  You need to be free in mind, body, and spirit, and that’s what we are bringing you.

You can find this podcast in our Mind Mechanix Series which you can listen to right on your podcast page.  Or, click on the player and you will be taken to our host page where you also have the option to download this for later listening.

We want you to be free in every way, so try to keep up with us as we “boldly go where no one has gone before……”


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