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The Power of Will

This is one of the most profound videos I have ever found.

In fact, right after listening to it, I got contacted by someone I’ve been trying to make a spiritual retreat business with.  As soon as we hung up, I went outside for a moment, or so I thought, to rest.

We then started talking again on the phone, and right during that phone call someone walked in that I at first did not recognize.  But then I did and I told him I had to go becaue I had company.

My visitor was a friend who is working a job 65 hours a week, and only has one day off, which is today.  We started talking about things, then he mentioned he wanted to quit smoking, and I told him I could make a stop smoking hypnosis track for him, and I was having new ideas for the track as we talked.

He then told me he could hook me up with a job that would be perfect for me.  He then called his brother, who is working on creating a spiritual retreat center here in Costa Rica, which is exactly what my friend from California wants to do and me too!

So, in this one encounter, the Universe manifested answers to ALL of our problems simultaneously!  The power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction is great indeed!  It is unbelievable what can and does happen.  The Universe will manifest your heart’s desire if you will get out of the way and just let it!

So here is the video I was watching this morning when this all started.


LIGHT BODY: Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation | Never The Same Again ~ Bentinho Massaro

This is a very powerful meditation.

This is one of the most powerful meditations you’ll ever practice. If you practice this once a day for 30 days, you will never see life the same way again. You will become extremely powerful in your consciousness and energy. Through both its guidance and transmission, this meditation will take the world you are familiar with (and perhaps have become dependent upon) away from you bit by bit, rapidly, and replace it with a truer vision of Consciousness, of Life.

This is a big step towards your enlightenment.