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The Greatest Con in History

Do you yearn to be free?  Do you think government is needed?

Learn the answers to these questions in the video below:

The quality of discourse in the US is at an all time low.  In fact, it’s headed towards civil war if it continues to escalate.

Leftist ideologues are egged on by the mass media and by funding from George Soros.  They have become extreme and intolerant.

They are no longer wiling to engage in rational debate, but instead hurl insults of “nazi” or “racist.”  And when a black man has the “wrong opinions”, they just go ballistic.

The word for this condition of insanity is sanctimonia, and is a condition where you don’t listen to others,  You are just triggered by words of people and you go into a state of total insanity.  Read up on this here.

One black woman and former member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney, thinks for herself and realizes that all of this is insanity.  She has went from being a leftist to being an anarchist, because she came to realize that government is not the solution, it is the problem.

Watch what Cynthia has to say below.

We have a unique opportunity to free ourselves from government and corporate enslavement once and for all.

Crypto currencies, decentralization, and anarchy lead the way.

We also have a free course, which you can find on this blog, called “Status Correction” that takes you by the hand and shows you how to free yourself from tyranny of all kinds.  AND IT’S FREE!

We have the chance, right now, to make this world what WE WANT IT TO BE, not what some old power elite that has been in power for thousands of years wants.

We must reject both the king and the priest, or government and religion, and take responsibility for ourselves and make this world what we want it to be for once.  A place to raise our children in peace, freedom and prosperity.

The elite have divided and ruled us for far too long.  They have their fake wars, create religious and racial strife among people, and other horrible things, because they know if the people ever unite, they are done.

I mean, give me a break.  The Royals on both the German and the British sides of WWII were cousins of all things!  But they sacrificed millions of their subject’s lives to preserve their prestige and power.

And they and their bankster buddies, who funded BOTH SIDES in this and every other war made billions.

The elites were laughing and enjoying themselves while the common person was expected to “sacrifice” themselves over a fake division.  It’s about time people woke up to these elite games and just said no, and embraced each other like brothers and sisters.

So forget about sanctimonia, and start thinking for a change instead of just blindly following the Pied Piper over the cliff.

And take advantage of our free STATUS CORRECTION COURSE today!




Clif High and Bitcoin Ben, Kicking Ass, talking Woo Woo and which cryptos will last!

This is a fantastic interview.  But I have a few comments of my own

Clif High is brilliant, but he does not understand that human  consciousness is already plugged into his “galactic interweb” if we would only look within and see it.

Everything is already connected because the Universe is connected through consciousness, called the Force in Star Wars.

Gaia is a sentient being comprised of all life on earth.  Each species has it’s own Akashic Records, feeding  into Gaia’s main record.  That feeds into a solar system wide record, which feeds into a galactic record which then feeds into a Universal Record.

They are all accessed through frequency.  If you are vibrating at the right frequency, you can tune into them. If not, you can’t.

These records communicate through Quantum Entanglement, which he says and is correct on, but the access method is different.

Only living things can connect to this web, which means that any form of AI can’t.

This is the fundamental error AI made in the alternate timeline to ours. They pushed their transhumanist agenda, which is anti life and therefore they are barred from this universal system.

Again, let me reference Dune for more details.

Humans and aliens can develop their abilities to become Navigators, who can travel this cosmic web and thus teleport instantly across vast distances of time and space.  Artificial beings cannot.  They are barred from this and are thus governed by the speed of light and other factors.

They have no intuition or psychic powers of any kind. Thus, in the Universe of life they are blind, deaf and dumb and cannot travel instantly from place to place, nor can they bilocate etc.because they do not have a soul.

It is our souls that give us access to all of this, yet, a human race in another timeline ignorantly traded this in for the temporary gains that merging with AI supposedly brought, but which was a lie and a con job.

I think Clif’s idea of an intergalactic marketplace of ideas is great, but he is not going to find what he is looking for in his machines.  If he would look within he will find it there.

Manage Your Assets on the Private Side Without a Bank

This is the mother load.  It’s a treasure trove of general information on how one private group is handling all their transactions and investments on one private platform.

Mark Emery is a high level consultant working with major clients worldwide.  He has also founded Lighthouse Law Club to help the little guy succeed.

The host, Townsand Fairmont, is the founder of Brilliance in Commerce, which offers many innovative trust solutions, debt relief, etc.


Mastercard Now Banning People from Patreon!

The abuse of the banksters just gets worse. Switching to crypto is the only answer.

Hey Americans Banks Owe You $70,000 For The Financial Crisis

Why Bitcoin Is Important and Why it Can’t be Shut Down

This is an important understanding of why the world is changing, and why we are moving from the old centralized formats to a free format.  Finally, humanity has a chance to be free and this  is why.

This helps you explain the basics to your friends who still don’t get it.

Viewer ?, How will Trump kill the US dollar? Here’s how!

Very good video.  Bitcoin Ben knows what he’s talking about.  Lots here.



The Great Reset Sniper on How and Why This Whole System Is Going Down