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Bilderberg Confab to Discuss Iran Solution

The Islamic nation is currently engaged in talks with the West over its nuclear program.

The Obama administration insists Iran must reduce the number of its operating centrifuges and its stockpile of partially enriched uranium. It must also allow new monitoring of the country’s nuclear program.

On Monday Yukiya Amano, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency at the United Nations, said Iran must allow inspection of non-military sites for years as part of a final nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, scheduled to conclude by June 30.

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American Held Captive for Years, Without Trial or Convictions, Commits Suicide

Kalief Browder was a 16-year-old sophomore when he was arrested, and later charged with second-degree robbery. Except he didn’t do it. Here’s a timeline of what happened:

  • Kalief Browder and a friend were returning home from a party in the Belmont section of the Bronx.
  • They were stopped by a squad car; the officer said they took someone’s backpack.
  • Browder said they didn’t rob anyone, so the police searched his their pockets, and found nothing.
  • The victim was in the squad car, and told the officers something new: they didn’t rob him tonight, they robbed him a few days ago.
  • Browder and his friend were taken to the Forty-eighth Precinct, where they were kept in holding cells, then they were transferred to Central Booking at the Bronx County Criminal Court.
  • Browder had previous run-ins with the law as a juvenile and was therefore on probation, but he did not have an arrest record.
  • Seventeen hours after the police picked Browder up, an officer and a prosecutor interrogated him, and he again maintained his innocence.
  • The next day, he was led into a courtroom, where he learned that he had been charged with robbery, grand larceny, and assault.
  • The judge released Browder’s friend, but since Browder was on probation, the judge ordered him to be held and set bail at three thousand dollars.

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Rand Paul’s Historic Speech Was Pure Americana

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George Carlin – advertising and bull shit

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BILDERBERG 2015 Elites Prepare For Nuclear And Economic Devastation

The elite agenda moves on:

Germany expels CIA Berlin chief over NSA spying

I can assure you that pissing off the Germans will have the most dire of consequences.

Germany is expelling the CIA chief in Berlin in retaliation for the latest espionage scandal.

The expulsion comes shortly after two alleged US agents were unmasked, suspected of acting as double agents within the state security apparatus, and passing secrets to US intelligence contacts.

The move was “a reaction to persistent failure to work together in efforts towards clarification,” according to the chief of the Parliamentary Control Panel.

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US insincere in claims of fighting terror: Analyst

A political commentator has slammed the US double standard policies in fighting terrorism, saying Washington arms the same Takfiri terrorists it claims to be battling, Press TV reports.

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, John Parker from the International Action Center (IAC) said the US provides arms to the ISIL terrorists through its regional allies such as Saudi Arabia in an attempt to destabilize Iraq and Syria.

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