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This video has great historical value, and shows how our system has become so corrupt.

It also tells us what needs to be done about it.


The Perpetual Traveller

How would you like to live a totally free life?

Well, you can take it to the extreme and become a Perpetual Traveler.

One of the things you will need to do is become a Digital Nomad.  We have FREE training of that right here!  Just click on that category in the Blog and scroll all the way to the bottom and follow it from the beginning, which is very important.

But, even if you have your income coming in from multiple sources as I show you how to do, you must CHANGE YOUR STATUS to cut off your slave chains and liver free.  This video gives you a good overview on that, but for the details, check out our blog category called Status Correction.  Once again, scroll all the way to the bottom and take it in order.

Once you have taken these steps you can live free anywhere in the world, and the end of this video gives you an overview on that, so watch to the end.

This will make you free from your job, free from government, and fee from financial worries.  You will be a true sovereign individual, free to travel the world and do whatever you please.

See under the video for important links on some resources you can use right now.  They will cost you some money, but you won’t have to wait to get started down this road.

So here is this very important video:

Lighthouse Law Club

Brilliance in Commerce


Proof the Banks Don’t Loan You Money

There is a wrong impression out there that when you take a loan, the bank has loaned you money.

This is not true, and this video goes through an affidavit given by a lawyer in the 1980’s proving they do no such thing.  In fact, they are making huge returns on money that isn’t even theirs!

This completely blows the lid off of this scam once and for all.


Here  is some supporting documentation:

Affidavit of Walker Todd.PDF

The Money Matrix….

Top Secret Bankers Manual…

Seven Principles of Constitution


Susan B Anthony and the 14 Amendment

Modern Money Mechanics


Modern Money Mechanics Video…



I have one of these on file that used to sell for between $10-20,000.00 and people paid it because it worked, coupled with the personal instruction that Nancy gave.

Today we use the SPC  process because it is more flexible.  The problem with these affidavits is that it completely withdraws you from the system giving you problems in commerce and also being careful not to remand back into their jurisdiction.

The SPC process is easier to use and helps you work with the system without being a part of it.

So, here is coverage of one version of this affidavit.

Here  is a 3 part program I did years ago with Nancy.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



The Greatest Con in History

Do you yearn to be free?  Do you think government is needed?

Learn the answers to these questions in the video below:

The quality of discourse in the US is at an all time low.  In fact, it’s headed towards civil war if it continues to escalate.

Leftist ideologues are egged on by the mass media and by funding from George Soros.  They have become extreme and intolerant.

They are no longer wiling to engage in rational debate, but instead hurl insults of “nazi” or “racist.”  And when a black man has the “wrong opinions”, they just go ballistic.

The word for this condition of insanity is sanctimonia, and is a condition where you don’t listen to others,  You are just triggered by words of people and you go into a state of total insanity.  Read up on this here.

One black woman and former member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney, thinks for herself and realizes that all of this is insanity.  She has went from being a leftist to being an anarchist, because she came to realize that government is not the solution, it is the problem.

Watch what Cynthia has to say below.

We have a unique opportunity to free ourselves from government and corporate enslavement once and for all.

Crypto currencies, decentralization, and anarchy lead the way.

We also have a free course, which you can find on this blog, called “Status Correction” that takes you by the hand and shows you how to free yourself from tyranny of all kinds.  AND IT’S FREE!

We have the chance, right now, to make this world what WE WANT IT TO BE, not what some old power elite that has been in power for thousands of years wants.

We must reject both the king and the priest, or government and religion, and take responsibility for ourselves and make this world what we want it to be for once.  A place to raise our children in peace, freedom and prosperity.

The elite have divided and ruled us for far too long.  They have their fake wars, create religious and racial strife among people, and other horrible things, because they know if the people ever unite, they are done.

I mean, give me a break.  The Royals on both the German and the British sides of WWII were cousins of all things!  But they sacrificed millions of their subject’s lives to preserve their prestige and power.

And they and their bankster buddies, who funded BOTH SIDES in this and every other war made billions.

The elites were laughing and enjoying themselves while the common person was expected to “sacrifice” themselves over a fake division.  It’s about time people woke up to these elite games and just said no, and embraced each other like brothers and sisters.

So forget about sanctimonia, and start thinking for a change instead of just blindly following the Pied Piper over the cliff.

And take advantage of our free STATUS CORRECTION COURSE today!




Clif High and Bitcoin Ben, Kicking Ass, talking Woo Woo and which cryptos will last!

This is a fantastic interview.  But I have a few comments of my own

Clif High is brilliant, but he does not understand that human  consciousness is already plugged into his “galactic interweb” if we would only look within and see it.

Everything is already connected because the Universe is connected through consciousness, called the Force in Star Wars.

Gaia is a sentient being comprised of all life on earth.  Each species has it’s own Akashic Records, feeding  into Gaia’s main record.  That feeds into a solar system wide record, which feeds into a galactic record which then feeds into a Universal Record.

They are all accessed through frequency.  If you are vibrating at the right frequency, you can tune into them. If not, you can’t.

These records communicate through Quantum Entanglement, which he says and is correct on, but the access method is different.

Only living things can connect to this web, which means that any form of AI can’t.

This is the fundamental error AI made in the alternate timeline to ours. They pushed their transhumanist agenda, which is anti life and therefore they are barred from this universal system.

Again, let me reference Dune for more details.

Humans and aliens can develop their abilities to become Navigators, who can travel this cosmic web and thus teleport instantly across vast distances of time and space.  Artificial beings cannot.  They are barred from this and are thus governed by the speed of light and other factors.

They have no intuition or psychic powers of any kind. Thus, in the Universe of life they are blind, deaf and dumb and cannot travel instantly from place to place, nor can they bilocate etc.because they do not have a soul.

It is our souls that give us access to all of this, yet, a human race in another timeline ignorantly traded this in for the temporary gains that merging with AI supposedly brought, but which was a lie and a con job.

I think Clif’s idea of an intergalactic marketplace of ideas is great, but he is not going to find what he is looking for in his machines.  If he would look within he will find it there.

Why the Government Has no Jurisdiction

If you pay close attention this video answers many questions.

Europe is under civil or Roman Law.  This video gives the answer to this.

The United states used this same thing to get this repugnant system thrown out of the new country.

The British fought the War of 1812 to get it back.  John Quincy Adams worked to subvert the original 13th Amendment forbidding titles of nobility.  They illegally subverted that amendment.  Actually there are 3 purported such amendments.

So, the British crown got back in with their bar attorneys.  This put the United States back under the crown and the Vatican.  These “liars” administer civil law and statutes.  This is because they are creatures of the corporate state, not the Republic.  All  of the Republic’s offices are vacant, having been replaced by a corporate board of directors called “Congress” that is not the Republic’s Congress, because attorneys can’t sit in those offices.  The whole so called “government” is a fraud foisted upon an ignorant people.

How Most of Society’s Problems Are Caused By Government with Jason Perz

Government IS the problem, NOT the solution.  They teach that humanity is evil and we need their protection from “those bad guys.”

Lie, lie lie!

Most people are good, but it is the psychopaths who are in government and religion.  So, we need protection from YOU, not the other way around.

They have a “war on this,” and a “war on that,” but it is only so they can generate revenue for themselves.  Here is the story of a man who saved his life after becoming a victim of these criminals.

And even AA banned him for telling the truth.  Oh well, now we know who is behind THEM.

You can overcome anything.  All you have to do is raise your vibration by getting in touch with yourself.

Here is this amazing story.

And now, here is the rest of the story in an interview with Jeff Berwick.


Assange Warns of Danger of AI in Last Message

I am now certain this is the reason Assange had his internet cut.  The new President of Ecuador is a Deep State stooge while Corea was not.

Here is information you need to hear.  It’s urgent you learn how to protect yourself.

All in all, this whole thing was important.  But here is an analysis of the most significant part.

Julian Assange’s last word’s “Intelligent Evil Dust, it’s everywhere in everything” cut off air.

This may even be more significant than this presenter know.  By the way, I apologize for the religious stuff because I am not a religious freak, but his quotes from the Bible may have merit.  In fact, if you understand this with a spiritual understanding, you will realize that if your VIBRATION IS HIGH ENOUGH, THIS STUFF WILL NO LONGER AFFECT YOU AND NEITHER WILL ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS DIMENSION.  In fact, that may be why Paul was not harmed by the snake bite, for instance.  Because once you reach a certain vibration, disease won’t affect you, and neither will other harmful things in this world.

And, if you reach a high enough vibration, like in the Celestine Prophecy, you will seem to disappear.  Other gurus have seemed to shape shift, suddenly appear or disappear, instantly manifest, heal people, and other miraculous things associated with enlightened beings.

In fact, for those of us who are ascending, we will reach all of those states, and eventually we will just leave this 3D dimension behind.

Or, to put it another way, we will enter another parallel universe, that has been here all along and we just could not see it.


Some of the religious material in parts of this video make me want to throw up.  But, the person who put this video together is asking the right questions and coming up with some of the right answers, except when he veers off into his religious insanity.

I suggest you just fast forward over these offensive segments and concentrate on what is real.  Unfortunately, the factual parts of this are real and frieghtening.

We aren’t going to change any of this by “trusting in the LORD” as these idiots propose.  But we can trust in ourselves, and manifest a new reality where this never happens.

There is a timeline where these nanobots win over humanity, and change all of humanity into cyborgs.  This is what the transhumanist agenda is all about.

What they failed to take into account was the fact that by turning people into cyborgs, they drive the spirit out, and therefore all they were left with was cyborgs, like the Borg.

There are abilities we only have because we have a soul.  Psychic powers, teleportation, shape shifting, and the ability to fold space and time and instantly appear whenever or wherever we want anywhere in the universe.  AI does not have this.

In one timeline, the future people get into a war with an alien species that has not lost their abilities.  They are thus able to beat the pants off of the AI we have then become.  So they sent an expedition back to this time to correct this problem, by raising up Navigators to pilot their spacecraft.  Only real humans can do this, not cyborgs.  And this is not a joke, it is one of a myriad of possible future realities.  I will give the link to this important podcast below the following video.

Here is a podcast I did some years ago that touches on nanobots and other issues.

And here is the final video on this subject, which is again very good except for the religious tripe at the end which you can just fast forward over.

But, I would like to mention that the transhumanists are insane enough to say that their nanotech will infuse even the rocks and the dirt, making “everything alive.”

Well, the truth of the matter is that EVERYTHING IS ALREADY ALIVE, infused by the spiritual force of the universe, and WE ARE ALREADY CONNECTED TO ALL THAT EXISTS THROUGH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Then the transhumanists state that “we shall become god” through their AI tech.  Again, the truth is WE ARE ALREADY GOD, THROUGH THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT INFUSES THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!  All we have to do is look within, open our awareness, and realize that we are already connected to all and that we are in all, if we would only open our eyes to see.

So, materialistic science is attempting to duplicate what the universe has already done.  All we need to do is become conscious and aware of this fact!





Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was owned by Ukraine – MoD

Well, well, well, the evils and lies of the Deep State are coming to light.

Supposedly, this will be an interesting week with many revelations.